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Vanessa is attempting the slalom course, but hits a flag. "Son of a monkey's uncle," she pseudo-curses. "You had it, baby," Ralph complains. A camera positioned high above pans from the course directly over to the cricket pitch, which turns out to be on the adjoining lot. There's a sitar version of "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" playing as Rachel yields the wicket to Brendon. JJ, meanwhile, is trash-talking the bowler. "Curve balls? I got you! I'm in your head right now!" Is that really cricket, by which I mean the verb? I think cricket trash-taking tends to sound more like, "That wasn't quite the thing there, old man! Better luck next bowl, eh? Cheers!" JJ hits a long fly ball to the outfield or whatever those two things are called, but the professional cricket outfielder catches it just inside the boundary. Then Brendon scores by hitting it up the middle and over the low boundary. So does JJ, who then steps aside for Art's turn. "If I can dance, you sure to heck can hit a ball," JJ snarls, adding that Rachel will never hit it out. Never. Way to motivate him to hurry, there.

Mark needs to take a break to sit down, but insists he's going to do it. Bopper says they should take the penalty instead. "I ain't taking nothing. I'm gonna do this or die, right on this spot" Mark insists. Looks like it might be both, going by how Mark gets flagged on his seventh attempt. Now that's a stubborn individual right there. Mark wants to go again, but Bopper wants to wrap it up and go home. "Now listen, man, the hell with that money...I'd rather have my buddy." Mark insists that he "got to." Good. Now just focus that clear-headed thinking on learning the dance.

Vanessa successfully negotiates the slalom course without hitting the Taj Mahal, so now it's Ralph's turn. Next door, JJ and Brendon are coaching Art and Rachel, respectively. In an interview, Rachel assumes Art has played baseball before, because of how he's a dude and "athletic" (in the sense that a fire hydrant is athletic, sure) and talks about the animosity between them and about the previous leg's U-Turn. Art hits a ball that comes to a rolling stop just inches short of the barrier. Rachel's ball fetches up against it, and even though it doesn't go over, that's good enough, so she and Brendon are done with the Detour ahead of Art and JJ. I'm strangely happy about that. I clearly need to do some soul-searching. They're off to the Pit Stop in second place, while Art keeps hitting foul balls. Rachel says, "It was a good feeling to know that they both got beat by a girl." Yes, super empowering. In an interview, Art admits that Rachel hit the ball to the boundary before he did. "Which strips you of all your manhood," JJ interjects. Oh, all right, snerk. Art complains about having to swing an oar instead of a bat, but JJ is unsympathetic. After a few more tries, Art gets it across the boundary and they get their clue, in third place. This Detour option is thus closed out with a final score of dudes three, chicks one.

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