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Over shots of the diverse wildlife surrounding Tanzania's Lake Minyara (wildebeests, giraffes, warthogs, baboons, zebras, and Phil), our host obviouses that it's a national park, "home to large herds of elephant, and over 400 species of birds." Only a few of which are shown, so that's kind of a rip-off. Phil also informs us, "This abundant wildlife refuge is now the start of the ninth leg in a race around the world." Home stretch, y'all. Bopper and Mark won the previous leg, so we're starting with them. But instead of seeing them open a clue at the mat as usual, we check in with them in their sunlit hotel room, at what a subtitle tells us is "6 Hours Before Pit Start." I don't care what that subtitle says, "Pit Start" is not a phrase.

Bopper sits on his bed wearing a knee brace on his right leg, waiting for a visit from a doctor. Instead, a local "Medic" (per the subtitle) comes in and shakes Bopper's hand. No, don't get up. Bopper explains that he twisted his ankle getting out of a safari vehicle two legs ago, which in turn twisted his knee -- which we know was operated on six months before the race, so it's not like this was an entirely new injury. He removes the brace so the medic can take a look. Bopper's very worried about being out of the race due to this, but the medic says he should be okay with the brace, so the million dollars is still in reach. Theoretically. And if not, by the time Bopper's knee blows up, he'll be on a completely different continent than the medic.

Team Kentucky gets to actually leave at 9:06 PM, well after dark. As they open their clue, Phil narrates that they'll need to fly nearly 2,900 miles to the "densely populated, chaotic streets of Cochin, India." Yep, looks like India -- densely populated and chaotic. From there, they'll have to get to the Rajiv Gandhi Bus Terminal and take a bus to Sacred Heart College in Thevara to find their next clue. Before beginning the leg, Mark says they're glad to be starting in first for once, but with Bopper's leg acting up he's willing to do what it takes to get it done. Is someone going to hold him to that?

Other Rachel and Dave are starting the leg just a minute later, at 9:07 PM. Dave narrates, "Our relationship with Art and JJ seems to be severed at this point and it's no fault of Rachel and I's." Maybe JJ just can't stand to be around people who use the nonexistent first-person possessive pronoun "I's"? Dave clarifies, "JJ in particular is not too pleased with Rachel and I's decision not to utilize the U-Turn on the green team." There it is again! Other Rachel flatly says, "We're not about to do JJ's dirty work." Dave adds, "If the relationship can be restored, then excellent. If not, Rachel and I will continue to race as we have." With lots of bickering and bitching at each other?

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