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Previously on Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud: In Finland, the BQs and A(AM!)s jockeyed for position in the mud, while the *lyns and *wins dragged, again, some more. The Pointies were up, then down, then up, then down, and then everybody was down -- in the bottom of a limestone mine, as a matter of fact. Rob went a little crazy psycho, but he and Kim made a little progress. At the end of the hour, we learned that it was not the end of the leg. Instead, it was the dreaded "To Be Continued" episode -- kind of like kissing your sister, only less interesting.

Credits. Come back, Vipul of the People. Karlyn of the People isn't making the rest of us look very good. [BOMP.]

Look! It's Helsinki, Finland, also known as "Helinski" in certain communities. (I personally blame a spelling error on the sash worn by Miss Helsinki in some sort of Miss Possibly Scandinavia And Possibly Not pageant.) James is on the side of the tower, gradually making his way down as Tyler cheers him on. When he finally gets to the bottom, James calls the rappel "the freakiest thing I've ever done in my entire life." This, I do not believe. But now they're reading the clue again, and it's all KEEP RACING!! again, and they're pretending to be surprised again, or else they're stupid. Because when it doesn't say "pit stop," it's kind of not a trick question. Tyler interviews that upon hearing this news, he was "definitely not a happy camper." It's a good thing I'm all class, or this would get me involved in inappropriate thoughts about Tyler and camping. Tyler reads the clue, which refers to the 1986 "nuclear accident" that happened at Chernobyl. It says to fly to "this country's capital city." Apparently, that would be Chernobyl's country -- it's really not "this country," so that clue could have used a copy editor. But anyway, Phil says that the teams must "figger out" (hee hee) that Chernobyl, where "the world's first nook-ya-lur accident" (ACK!) occurred, is in Ukraine. The capital city is Kiev, so that's where the teams are supposed to go. When they get there, Phil and the hilarious dinky-dink music explain that they will have to find a "Russian-made car." The aforementioned dinky-dink strongly suggests that this car will be unreliable. Along with the car, they'll find their next clue. In one of my favorite lines of the episode, James just says, "Freakin' Chernobyl." I can't explain why, but totally cracks me up. It's like, "Damn nuclear accidents." The guys also chuckle over whether it's really safe to go, not really paying attention to the fact that you are going to the capital of the country that Chernobyl is in, not going to Chernobyl itself. They are worried about accumulating "a third eye," which is stupid and hackneyed, and yet funny. Sometimes, the easiest joke is the good one. (Thank God.)

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