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Limping to Victory

Dave & Connor decide it's time to cut bait -- no pun intended -- and they hand Dirk their Express Pass so they can get out of here. Which I think makes them the shortest Express Pass holders in the history of the gimmick. The contents of the envelope from Dirk instruct them to drive themselves to Mt. Hutt Station to find their next clue. Phil has nothing to add to that. They're still "Currently in 1st Place" as Connor says they need to at least win a leg. And then replace Dave's bad one with it?

John is walking Jessica through her gear changes on her second run. She came in at 40 seconds, giving John 43 to work with. But he brings it in at 38, with five seconds to spare. That makes them the first to actually complete the Detour, and they run to Flash to get the clue sending them to Mt. Hutt Station in second place.

Meghan peels out for her second run, which brings Team YouTube in at 82.1. Not bad; they're done with the Detour in third place. Katie finishes her third run at a total of 90 seconds, so she and Max are still not done. "I can do it under 41, you just need to," she tells him. "Who'd have thought you're the albatross of this?" Charming.

Pam has to have her seat scootched forward before she and Winnie can make their first try, and then she kills the engine anyway. Bates & Anthony, Caroline & Jennifer and Mona & Beth all arrive on their ATVs at about the same time. Anthony, Beth and Jennifer start off their first runs, Caroline telling her partner to give it a little more gas. "We're not gonna die," she assures her. Yes, it's not like there's traffic.

Chuck finds the fishermen waiting by the riverbank, because fishermen are really good at waiting for something that may or may not happen and also because nobody wants them. But soon he and Wynona each have lines in the water. Wynona explains that Chuck's a good fisherman and she sometimes goes out on the boat to watch. "So I'm not a complete idiot to this." Yikes, the only thing more boring than fishing is watching someone else fish. But she says she's hoping to get the first fish. I hope so, too. Anything to make her Chuck's teammate and not just his plus-one.

The country singers finish up in 108 seconds and they interview about how they don't have a lot of experience with manual transmissions, but they solved this problem by just keeping the car in first gear the whole time. Which I'm sure the owners appreciate. The hockey brothers come in two seconds long and head out on their second run. Mona switches with Beth, who did the course in 42 and drives it so hard she brings it in for a total of 81, making them the first team to complete this on the first attempt and the fourth place team overall. Do not underestimate derby girls, man. I have some derby friends and I have not underestimated them, which is why we're still friends.

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