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Limping to Victory

Dave & Connor get to the auto course, and Dave immediately asks if the cars have a clutch. Told that they do, he stops short and says he can't drive it. "I can't even tell where my foot is." So now they'll have to switch Detours and drive to the fishing task. "There go our chances," Connor moans. Dave suggests using the Express Pass, but Connor wants to hold off on that, at least for now.

Pam & Winnie, Mona & Beth, Caroline & Jennifer and Bates & Anthony all choose Rev it Up, as anyone would. Anyone except Chuck & Wynona, that is, because he picks the fishing task for some reason. So much for the South being a monolithic NASCAR stronghold. Jessica & John are the first team to actually get into one of the Rev it Up cars, with John driving and Jessica riding shotgun for their first run. John hits the gas and gets a slow start, which might be at least partly due to the fact that his back right wheel is totally immobilized as the car drags it through the mud. "Second gear just sucks!" he says obliviously. Jessica wonders if she'll even be able to do this, but John eventually figures out he has the parking brake on. He discovers that it's much easier without it. He should probably go with what works, then.

Connor and Dave are debating using the Express Pass after all, and agree to try fishing for five minutes before going ahead and pulling the trigger. Dirk the fisherman smarts off about Dave leaving his helmet on to fish, joking that the fish might jump up and get him. Very funny, Dirk, but I think Dave's done risking unnecessary injury. As for their progress with the task, not only are they not catching anything, but the weeds are also catching Connor.

John has gone back to the beginning to start over and an onscreen graphic charitably describes what we're about to see as "John 1st Run." He completes the run in 40 seconds and with 83 total seconds to burn, Jessica's going to have to do it in 43 or less. She doesn't quite make it, coming in at 44, so they both have to try again. Joey & Meghan arrive on their ATV and see this going on. When Max and Katie show up, he warns her that it might be clutch. Meghan has to tell Joey which of his pedals is which. "Off to a great start," he sings sarcastically. He gets off on his first run while Max & Katie are receiving their instructions. Joey laughs and squeals through his first attempt like he's losing a tickle fight and comes in at 46 seconds, not leaving much time for Meghan, He does tell her that she's doing a lot better than he did. In another lane, Max is starting his first run while Katie tells him to use less than half the time to make up for how much slower she'll probably be. Unfortunately for both of them, Max is spinning out all over the place at the turnaround, as though he's trying to invent automotive breakdancing. There's a nice neck-and-neck overhead shot of him and Meghan both driving back at the same time, almost as if this were an actual race. Meghan's time is also 46, putting Team YouTube's total time at 92 for their first try. Max comes back and finds out his time was 55.28. Katie says she's not going to be able to work with that, but she's off on her first run anyway as a formality-slash-practice exercise. Max coaches her through the gears as she interviews that she just learned to drive stick before the race. At least she's not trying to learn on the race, like far too many people in past seasons have. She kills the engine at one point and comes in with a total time of 108, which means she was still faster than Max. "We gotta trim some time," Max understates as they switch places back at the starting line. Yeah, about a quarter of it. Katie briefly suggests switching, but then they agree they can do it. And if not, they can maybe convince two other teams to quit with them?

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