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Limping to Victory

So the last flight lands with Chuck & Wynona, and Chuck almost gets in on the American side of the car until Wynona corrects, "Wrong side, buddy." He scampers around, leaving the passenger door open for the camera guy to get in, which is as close as we've gotten to any sign of their existence this season. Other than the footage they shot, obviously. At the riverbank, it's dusk when Beth & Mona arrive to claim number 6 and I notice that one of them has the derby name Fiona Grapple. I love derby names. I'm still working on mine and considering how long it took me to come up with "M. Giant," it could be a while. It's just about full dark by the time Jennifer and Caroline show up and most of the other teams are gathered around a campfire. John points them to the sign with the numbers and they wander around it aimlessly, literally within arm's reach of it, while wacky hoedown music plays on the soundtrack and Bates & Anthony are closing in. Jennifer just manages to realize what they're supposed to be doing and grabs 7 just ahead of Bates, but only because she saw what he was going for. The hockey guys get 8 as a result. Serves them right for following people who didn't know where they were going. Chuck & Wynona eventually show up in the dark and take the last number. "Grab a tent," she tells him. Somehow he manages to not say it back.

Early the next morning, the boats are waiting in the river and the teams are putting on life jackets. Dave & Connor head for their boat first, Connor narrating that they want to win this leg and are prepared to use the Express Pass to make that happen. After all, they don't know how many legs Dave has left in him. Still, Dave's not ready to go home. "I want to finish this for him," he interviews, getting choked up as usual. At least he gets to drive the jet boat with Connor and a guide sitting behind him, and they both seem to enjoy the "rocket ship on the water." Probably because boats don't generally have foot pedals. Jessica & John are also underway behind them, then Joey & Meghan, the latter of whom says, "We're like James Bond again!" At some point Ian Fleming's estate is going to sue this show. Katie is driving Max in their boat and Pam goes for a little more variety (not to mention accuracy), comparing the experience to Miami Vice as Winnie does the piloting. On top of the speed rush, the scenery certainly is amazing. I'm impressed that they fixed the mountains and river so quickly after the earthquake.

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