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Limping to Victory

Whatever the case, they get the official "Currently in: Last Place" subtitle on the screen as we come back to them realizing as much. They look pretty stressed out as they finally take off on the last flight. If only they could see the b-roll of New Zealand we cut to, which is so spectacular that it would soothe anyone. It's mostly the spectacular Middle-Earth scenery; we're not seeing much of the actual city of Christchurch, which, after all, was socked by an earthquake not too long ago. Not that anyone is going to mention that tonight, not even Phil. The first flight lands, and Pam & Winnie quickly find the line of Foci and are on their way, sitting in the right side of the car and driving on the left side of the road like one does in New Zealand. Phil reminds us that they're driving to the Rakaia River Gorge, this time adding that when they arrive, they'll pick a number between one and nine to reserve a ride on a jet boat down the river the next morning. Sounds like fun, if they can get there. Meanwhile, the second flight lands and that group of teams (Max & Katie, Joey & Meghan, Mona & Beth and Dave & Connor) is hurrying through the airport -- including Dave, who is executing some kind of wild run-hop combo on his crutches and insisting on taking the stairs down rather than the escalator. I keep expecting him to fold, spindle and mutilate himself like an umbrella in a hurricane at any moment. Connor's worried too, but since he's carrying both their backpacks it's not like he can physically force his dad to slow down. They all find their cars, complete with Amazing Windshield Decals and pile their stuff into them, Dave understandably bringing up the rear. Then the third flight lands. Driving away from the airport, Jennifer talks about how much they're digging the alliance with the guys and how comfortable and safe they feel. Must have been the crack about getting them into bed that did it.

Pam & Winnie are driving through the New Zealand countryside, commenting on the verdant beauty of it all. As they pass a grazing flock, Connor remarks to Dave that there are supposedly more sheep than people in this country, and Dave says he wouldn't mind some fresh lamb for dinner. "I hear it's not ba-a-ad," Connor agrees. Oh come on, now. Also, come on, Winnie and Pam, because once again they have rushed off and ended up getting lost, contrary to what they promised they would do. At least it's pretty where they are. Caroline, behind the wheel of her car with Jennifer, admits that it's nerve-wracking to be in the lead, by which she means that Bates & Anthony are following them. It wouldn't help if she could hear Bates & Anthony remarking about how she keeps creeping left over the shoulder line, until remembering they shouldn't complain, especially because these two teams are the first to reach the Rakaia River Gorge. Team YouTube isn't far behind, Joey calling it "Lord of the Rings-style. Where's Frodo?" At least he's not braying it like he brays almost everything else. As it turns out, a river gorge can be pretty long and it's Connor and Dave who are the first to arrive at the part of it where they're actually supposed to be. Connor runs ahead down the bank to grab the 1 slip from the sign. They're going to need it. Other teams start showing up and Jessica & John score slot number 2, Joey & Meghan 3 and Max & Katie 4. With their numbers secured and the sun going down, Joey wonders aloud where they're supposed to sleep and Dave points with a crutch toward a row of tiny tents lined up against the edge of the trees. Luxurious. Pam & Winnie arrive in time to score slot number 5, so at least they didn't get as lost as they did last week.

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