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Limping to Victory

That night, John decides to recruit some new allies against Bates & Anthony: Team YouTube and the derby moms. So if they just form an alliance with the country singers and Max & Katie, they'll be in bed with everyone except the hockey brothers. Jessica explains that the main purpose of the alliance is to share travel information. Meanwhile, another alliance is progressing, as Caroline and Jennifer bring Bates & Anthony some broken-down cardboard boxes so they don't all have to sleep on the hard tile floor. Very cozy. "Only took us two nights to get them into bed," Anthony cracks. Everyone gets to spend the night in the terminal, which finally opens for business early the next morning. All nine remaining teams end up together on the same Air Tahiti Nui flight to Auckland, which takes off when it's still early in the morning, but Max says the connection to Christchurch is still up for grabs. The Amazing Light Blue Line does an encore, this time stopping in Auckland. Pam & Winnie are somehow the first team to get tickets on a flight leaving at 5:00 PM, Pam saying that they might even be the only ones to do so. Indeed, Jessica & John are soon learning that the flight is packed. And to make it official, Pam & Winnie's new subtitle is "Currently in 1st Place" before they even get on the plane. Not bad for starting out in dead last.

John & Jessica and Mona & Beth get booked on a 5:30 flight. So do the father and son team (Connor hot-rodding Dave around on a borrowed wheelchair) and Team YouTube, while Bates & Anthony get themselves on a six o'clock flight. Chuck asks a line of people if he can cut in front of anyone, since they're in a race. "No givers?" Well, since anyone who lets you cut in front of them is also letting you cut in front of all the people behind them, I wouldn't think so. Caroline and Jennifer get boarding passes for the 6:00 flight at an electronic kiosk. Max & Katie, meanwhile, are on standby for the 5:30. Watching it board, Max comments on how Mona & Beth and Joey & Meghan are suddenly "new best friends. At this point, I don't trust anybody." That's okay Max -- nobody trusts you either. They do get on the flight, though. Chuck & Wynona still appear to be flailing, as Chuck ends up getting pointed to a courtesy phone on the wall to try to buy plane tickets. They end up on a 7:30 flight and congratulate themselves on having bypassed an hour's wait in line. "Why isn't everybody doing that?" Wynona wonders aloud. Well, because almost everybody is already on a plane taxiing toward takeoff. As time passes and the 6:00 flight leaves, they start wondering where all the other teams are. "We may have made an error there," Chuck realizes. As the third flight takes off, he says, "Uh-oh. I think we're screwed." I'm just wondering what everybody else was able to figure out that he couldn't.

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