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Limping to Victory

Team YouTube, Team Mullet and the derby moms hit the airport in a clump. Meghan & Joey score seats on an 11:35 flight, as do Beth & Mona. Chuck tells the agent he wants the same thing, and before anyone else at the counter gets any if she can swing that. Wynona frets about Chuck working it too hard and he non-apologizes, "they'll never see us again." Not unless they get CBS in Bora Bora.

The country singers, Caroline & Jennifer, are leaving the dock at 10:49 AM. They're feeling pretty good about going from a four-hour penalty to seventh place in the previous leg, and have a brief debate briefly about whether their journey to number one is best described as "up" or "down." I would personally choose the word "futile."

Max & Katie leave at 11:08 in eighth place, and as they're boarding a water taxi, we see that prop plane that took off from Bora Bora before some of its passengers even boarded it landing Faa'a International Airport in Tahiti, where the Express Pass alliance was born. Today the place appears to be utterly abandoned, every ticket window closed. Is it Sunday or something? I'm almost worried about Langoliers, especially this close to the International Date Line. Bates & Anthony and Jessica & John are reduced to checking at the Information Desk, where they learn that the next flight to Christchurch is leaving at eight the following morning. Bates says something about killing time by playing cards. "Could have played for the Express Pass, but it's gone," he says to Jessica & John. Also, it would be a pretty boring game, since we've just seen that both these teams have a habit of tipping their hands.

The middle of the pack gets on the 11:35 flight out of Bora Bora, including Dave & Connor, who are hoping to find time to see a doctor during their layover in Tahiti. They're already in the air by the time Pam & Winnie finally open their clue at 11:48 AM. Winnie promises that they'll think before they act this leg. "At least being last we can focus on each other and moving forward," she says. Each other?

After landing in Tahiti, the middle teams do an awkward jog-race to the ticket windows in Tahiti and also find them closed. "Whole lotta stress over nothing," one of the new arrivals comments, as Bates laughs while watching them arrive. As for Dave & Connor, they apparently make their way to the soap-opera-named "Downtown Hospital," where Dave quickly gets in to see a specialist. While the doctor looks at the sonogram screen and a French-to-English interpreter (or maybe just someone's mom that got roped into this, because she's holding her purse and there's a young girl in there too) translates, Dave is diagnosed with a small tear in his Achilles tendon and the muscle attached to it. So their next stop is a drugstore to pick up a stabilizing boot. Dave's fitted with a big black cyborg leg to go over his real one and stumps out of the pharmacy on his crutches. I'm wondering if medical expenses come out of their leg allowance. Since nobody mentions it, I'll have to assume no. Dave interviews a little more about their determination and then they join the rest of the teams (save Pam & Winnie) at the Tahiti airport, where they're greeted with a round of applause. Dave updates everyone on his condition and they're all quite sympathetic. Dave & Connor promise to be back after hitting the restroom, and the other teams are left to sit around and talk about how amazing they are. This is the first Caroline has heard about their history of cancer and she appears pretty moved about it. Yes, Amazing Editors, we are all impressed by Connor and Dave. You don't have to belabor it by having the other teams talk about it too.

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