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Limping to Victory

Joey & Meghan, a.k.a. Team YouTube, are starting at 9:00 and are obnoxiously excited about both the cash in the clue and their next destination. Okay, Joey is. I can't wait until killer fatigue catches up with Joey and settles him down a bit. Currently he's like Jack from Will & Grace minus Jack's Marlboro Man stoicism. Chuck & Wynona, who finished the last leg right behind them, are starting this one the same way, at 9:01. Chuck interviews that they've never been out of the country, Wynona adding that the furthest they've been from home is Niagara Falls (sloooowly I turned), but they're learning from this new experience. The derby moms, Beth & Mona, are also very excited about getting to go to New Zealand as they start their leg in sixth place at 9:06 AM. The next thing we know, the three lead teams have finished their water taxi ride and are at Bora Bora's open-air plane terminal. Bates & Anthony seem to be the first to get to a counter, where the ticket agent tells them that the next flight out is leaving, oh, now. John quietly boasts to the cameras about how he and Jessica just got the last seats on that same flight, and goes to make a lame effort to slow the hockey brothers down by chatting to them about the early flight and grinning coprophagously that "maybe" he's on an even earlier flight. "That was aggressive," Bates remarks after John weasels away. And this is coming from a hockey player. They've already declared Team JJ the shadiest of all, which is easy to say for a team that has yet to look far enough behind themselves to notice Max & Katie.

When Dave & Connor catch up to them in the terminal, Dave tells them about how he's going to be visiting the hospital. Jessica says that means "it's time," and John quickly hands over their spare Express Pass as previously agreed, but also as previously considered weaseling out of. Seeing this transaction, Bates & Anthony quickly realize there's an alliance. "No one's going to be kissing their asses anymore," Bates bright-sides. Dave tucks it away, thinking Bates & Anthony are none the wiser, when of course they are. And a prop plane takes off for Tahiti with the first two teams -- the hockey players and Team JJ -- at 9:00 AM, according to the subtitle. Which is weird, because that means that Jessica & John somehow got from the mat to their plane seats in four minutes, never mind the fact that we already saw the start of Beth & Mona's leg at 9:06. Maybe the different islands have different time zones here.

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