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Limping to Victory

Driving to the Pit Stop, Connor says this could be one of their last legs, now that they're "not as competitive" as the other teams. Dave says it's already been a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Kind of sad to see a team getting the exit-edit when they're in the lead.

Anthony is geared up and picking a dog, Fitz. Katie's dressed and ready, too. Winnie finishes up with 12 eggs, so she and Pam are out of there in third place. Jennifer slides past Caroline (who yells, "You're so beautiful!") and then almost gets nailed by Anthony in the pond just before he warns, "Heads up!" She catches most of his splash in her face as it is. "That would have been terrible!" Caroline says. But the country singers are done with the Roadblock in fourth place. "Where the hell is Terrace Downs?" Caroline wonders.

It must be close to where Connor and Dave are now. Dave remarks from the back seat, "I don't think anyone's ever won a leg of the Amazing Race on crutches. This will be one for the history books." I certainly can't think of anyone else who has managed it, but then I haven't watched every season. Connor spots a sign pointing to Terrace Downs and soon they're making their way on foot (and on crutch) down a vast golfing green, Connor carrying both bags and Dave doing his alarming crutch-run-hop. They make it to the mat and the local welcomes them to Terrace Downs, "Canterbury, New Zealand." Phil introduces Tim the dog, but not the shepherd. He also tells them they're the first team to arrive and have won a trip to Bangkok that includes a Thai boxing class. Phil remarks that Dave might not be up for that last part for a while. And then he adds more seriously, "Guys, the race is still going. I have your next clue." Wow, I don't think we've seen one of these this early in the season before. Usually it's nearer the end, when everyone's already worn out, feeling far from home and the legs are starting to run together anyway. Connor accepts the clue like it's a subpoena and when Phil asks if they're up for it, Dave says, "Uh, gotta focus on some recovery here." Then we hear him VO that he was thinking about dropping out, like we didn't already get his decision. "I honestly don't have any idea if we can keep going. This is the most frustrating thing." No, that would be the "To Be Continued" that pops up on the screen. That is so much more frustrating than a potentially race-ending injury.

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