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Limping to Victory

Jessica & John are in second place as they get to the clue box outside Mt. Hutt Station, and John thinks "this might be right up my alley." They cross paths with Dave and Connor in their respective cars and Dave tells Connor this means they have about a twenty-minute lead if not more, but that's all. Pam & Winnie and Chuck & Wynona, all of whom clearly made up quite a bit of time driving between tasks, are in third and fourth. Same for Caroline and Jennifer, as Caroline nominates Jennifer to keep her race from going to the dogs. Jennifer is going to regret that.

John is in his outfit and working his way through the Box. "John, what're you doing in there?" Jessica asks until he emerges, smeared in molasses. She tells him not to break any of the eggs. Winnie is working her way through the tunnel, and John splashes down at the bottom of the course with four intact eggs. He confirms with the judge that he needs to do it again and doesn't seem too upset about it.

Joey & Meghan reach the clue box in sixth place. Meghan says she'll just take it, as though Joey is starting to get on her nerves as well and when Mona and Beth get there in seventh place, Mona volunteers to do it. Jennifer takes her first run and as she wades out of the mud pond she got totally submerged in, Caroline laughs from the sidelines how she's leaving Beverly Hills behind. "She grew up in Beverly Hills," Caroline explains to us, pointing to her muddy, burlap-clad partner. Indeed, she doesn't look it right now. Chuck's not only having fun, he interviews that he passed most of the other teams on the course. Wynona adds that if she'd done it, they'd be there all day. I'm not sure if she ever plans to do a Roadblock or if they've just planned to run half the race. Chuck and then Winnie and then John splash down hard. Chuck's got four eggs, Winnie five and John a total of eight from his two trips so far. Walking back up the hill, Jennifer is pretty winded, but somehow finds breath to tell us that her dog for this task shares a name with her grandfather: Duke. Of course, Duke was just her grandfather's nickname. His real name was Marion Morrison, but he was better known as John Wayne. She figures it's a sign of good luck: if you're a name dropper, sure. Actually, I feel bad because she doesn't look old enough to have ever met the man, let alone remember him. But then she grew up in Beverly Hills, so that's a plus.

Katie is still "I told you so"-ing Max all the way to Mt. Hutt Station. The hockey brothers open their Roadblock clue in eighth place, leaving Max & Katie in last. John comes down on his last run, yelling as usual, and trips trying to wade out of the pond with his eggs in hand. Then when the judge counts up twelve, he flops on this back with his feet in the air for some reason, possibly to mime laying eggs of his own. Probably could have done without that. They're on their way to the Pit Stop, as John reads from the clue that the last team may be eliminated. We're fast running out of time for that, though.

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