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Limping to Victory

The derby moms flag down another motorist to get directions to Mt. Hutt Station, which they write down in a notebook. One of those things more racers should pack.

Connor finishes his second run with another five eggs, so he's going back for a third run.

Tearing down the road past some flocks of sheep, Katie yells at Max to turn the car around, saying she saw a sign for Mt. Hutt Station pointing right. Max doesn't believe her and when he reluctantly turns around, they see it's a sign for Mt. Hutt Station Road and he whines at her for costing them almost a minute trying to avoid a mistake. Because there's no way Mt. Hutt Station Road could lead to Mt. Hutt Station. New Zealanders aren't that obvious. As usual when we see this kind of dysfunction between couples, we cut to a joint interview in which they try to justify it. Max explains that they both like to be in control. "I'm a warm-blooded Italian and she's a cold German and she thinks she knows everything." Katie confirms, "I'm 24, and I have my doctorate, and I'm a pharmacist, so I'm pretty much always right." So, in other words, they deserve each other. Carry on, newlyweds. Back on the road, Max has spotted a sign pointing to Mt. Hutt Ski Area and figures that must be where they're going. Katie points out that's different from Mt. Hutt Station, but it's moot because they've come up behind the hockey brothers and jump at the chance to pass them, whether they're going in the right direction or not. Bates & Anthony are content to follow them, which is their own damn fault. Time passes and soon both teams' cars are high up enough on the mountain that they're driving through clouds. Max offers to turn around, which Katie declines but says she doesn't have a good feeling about it. Behind them, Bates & Anthony are sensing something similar feelings, Bates worrying that they might run into an orc up here. They stop another motorist and get directions back down the hill to the main road and take a left. In other words, where Katie told Max to turn. And you can believe he hears about it. "You wasted at least a half an hour," she accuses. They're just like an old married couple, only not old or charming. I would say that it's possible they might get to a point where they've spent half their marriage on The Amazing Race, but I don't think they're going to last that long. In either sense.

Connor completes his third run with enough eggs to finish the Roadblock, and he and Dave get their clue telling them to drive themselves to a place called Terrace Downs. The grounds are spectacular in a helicopter shot as Phil says, "this world-renowned adventure retreat is the Pit Stop for this leg of the race. The last team to check in here may be eliminated." He's there with a shepherd and a dog and not his dad, which is a little disappointing.

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