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Limping to Victory

You can also not underestimate Max, because he is impossible to underestimate. By which I mean that even on his fourth attempt, he's still spinning all over the goddamn place and flattening three cones on the return run. "You're killing us," Katie says helpfully. After the ads, she reports to the task judge as they trade places, "He sucks." She gets behind the wheel for her fourth try, like it's not academic.

Dave & Connor return to where they left their car near the river bank, and they seem confident in where they're going. Helps to have a map, looks like. Jessica & John consult a large outdoor map signboard before driving off in second place. And also before John gets in on the left side of the car and gets a fail-gong upon discovering there's no steering wheel there. "I hate when I do that," he laughs, getting out and running around to the other side. Joey & Meghan, then Mona & Beth drive off. Joey & Meghan have a minor disagreement about which way she should go, which Joey wins by singing, "Diva up in the fro-oont!" Jeez, turn it off for five seconds. You're starting to make me feel homophobic.

After Anthony's third run of 40.66, Bates is off for his third try and they bring it in at 80.19, allowing them to leave the Detour in fifth place. Max finishes his sixth run, his best one yet at 40.12. They're both confident that Katie can finish in the remaining time and indeed she does... barely. They are now in sixth place. Winnie, who we haven't seen for a while, is on her fifth try, and this time she and Pam succeed as well with a total time of 80.38, so they're in seventh place. Technically, they still did better than Max & Katie. I guess I should give Katie some credit for not being loudly embarrassed at being beaten in a driving task by a couple of Asian chicks.

Back at the riverbank, Chuck & Wynona each have a strike and they both land their fish. Dirk compares their length to a red plastic schoolroom ruler as though it's anywhere near as long as the fish, and Wynona throws hers back. "Aah, that was disgusting," she says, wiping her hands on her pants. Which I guess is why she normally watches Chuck fish rather than joining in.

Caroline is cheering Jennifer on as she takes off on her fourth run, telling her she's bad to the bone. The timekeeper cranks them into the finish, almost as excited as they are and tells them they did it in 82.01 seconds. The subtitles promote them to eighth place, even though Team Mullet already caught their fish. Southerners on this show are always telling us not to count them out, which I thought was paranoid, but now Chuck and Wynona failed to do so, too, and look what happened.

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