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Limping to Victory
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As is customary when something serious has transpired between one leg and the next, Phil's cheerful welcome at the starting location of this week's leg will have to wait. Instead, we open right on Connor asking his dad Dave if he's okay, presumably moments after Dave self-diagnosed a blown ankle during the final dash to the mat. "It's gone," Dave answers him. Cut to an interview where he describes the sensation: "Thirty feet out I felt a pop in my Achilles tendon." We cut to Dave's ankle being looked at by a local medic, who quickly diagnoses a torn muscle and says Dave will need a sonogram to see just how bad it is. Dave is fighting tears as the medic says he can give him some crutches and send him to a specialist in Papeete, Tahiti. "Yes, I'm sorry, but that's the way," he shrugs, slightly more sympathetically than House. Dave talks about how they're already cancer survivors, so they're not about to quit now. The difference is that they didn't run the Amazing Race with cancer. Although, damn... wouldn't that be a great hook for a team?

Now Phil gets to give his opening narration about Bora Bora, which he says "is considered by many to be the most romantic island in the world. And just offshore, Motu Tapu, the Hilton's ultimate private island escape." Shilling for Hilton now, Phil? "This picture-perfect getaway is the start of a third leg in a race around the world." Bates & Anthony, the hockey-playing brothers who won the previous leg, are starting this one at the uncharacteristically decent hour of 8:54 AM. They open a clue sending them to "Phil's hometown, Christchurch, New Zealand." An Amazing Light Blue Line makes an early appearance to demonstrate how they'll depart Bora Bora, transfer in Papeete and then proceed across the Pacific to Christchurch via Auckland. Then they'll hop into a fleet of white Ford Foci to drive themselves to the Rakaia River Gorge. For now, they board a water taxi and hurry the pilot away from the dock, even as Dave is coming down the ramp on his crutches with Connor in tow. That team begins at 8:55 -- in second place for now -- and steps onto another boat. Dave reiterates that he's planning to see a doctor in Tahiti to find out what's what, which of course none of the other teams will have to do. It's like a Speed Bump, but less fun!

Jessica & John arrived at the mat right behind them, so they're starting in third place at 8:56. Jessica reminds us of the two Express Passes she and John scored in the first leg, and John says that they'll keep their word and give the other one to Dave & Connor now that Dave is injured. They're also hoping it'll help them beat the hockey players somehow, according to some trademark John-logic that, as usual, I am unable to follow.

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