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"This is Castela des Mouros," Phil reminds us, "a castle built high above the town of Sintra, Portugal." That's about 20 minutes outside Lisbon, per Google Maps. He's coming to us from the top of one of the long ramparts that appear to stretch down much of the hill's considerable height, saying, "These ancient ruins are often referred to as a miniature Great Wall of China, and are now the start of the fourth leg in a race around the world." That's a pretty clunky nickname, since "miniature" contradicts that sense of the word "great" and I can't help noticing that there is very little China on my screen.

But anyway, Nicole & Travis, who won the previous leg, are starting this one first, at 11:08 PM. You'll be glad to know they appear to be at ground level and will not be expected to negotiate the narrow castle walls in the dark. Their clue is sending them to Svolvaer, Norway, which Phil says is not only more than two thousand miles by plane and ferry, but north of the Arctic Circle. It also meets the one surefire criterion that indicates a place is an international backwater, which is that its name is not in Spellcheck. Their next clue is waiting for them at the ferry terminal. The married ER docs hop a taxi to the travel agency, hoping to get an earlier flight than the other teams. Which worked out pretty well for them last week, so why not? Nicole interviews that she's from Brooklyn, where she grew up not letting people take advantage of her and has held onto those lessons. Travis says that he's learned on the race that Nicole's even tougher than he thought she was. It's almost as though this character note is being used to set something up for later.

Jason & Amy are taking off in second place, at 11:14 PM. Like Nicole & Travis, they're also not excited about being Arctic-bound, but Amy interviews how Nicole & Travis's marriage is an inspiration for them. She's also hoping for an earlier flight for Nicole & Travis, and to be on it with them. Which also worked out pretty well for them last week, so why not?

The ER docs show up at Osiris Travel, a storefront agency which is almost offensively bright this late at night. The agent running the computer is able to find a flight out at 8:55 in the morning, and nothing earlier. Amy & Jason catch up with them at the desk, and after Amy asks about some flights that don't exist, the sky-blue alliance heads to the airport, resigned to flying to the next destination with the other six remaining teams. People got a little spoiled about not having to do that, didn't they?

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