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Previously on I, Phil Keoghan, Will Now Be Awesomely Funny And Put The Stank Of Jeff Probst To Absolute Shame: Ron had a hernia; you may have heard something about it. The teams traveled to Burkina Faso, where a bunch of camels were not too keen on being used for milk, and Lorena melted down like Frosty in the greenhouse when her camel kept kicking and screaming. Nevertheless, when Julia took pity on Lorena and bailed her out, Lorena came back from the abyss, passed Julia at the Detour, and ultimately knocked Marianna and Julia right out of the race. Moral of the story? If somebody's KF-ing themselves right behind you, you really need know, let them. Azaria and Hendekea finished first, which you wouldn't think would have any continuing repercussions in this leg, but you would be wrong. Eight teams left. Who will be

Credits. I have to agree with everyone who has noted that Kynt and Vyxsin's dramatic head-turn is so spectacular that it basically ruins the head-turn forever. The head-turn will have to be retired. Like Brett Favre's number. And helmet. And shoes. And towel. [BOMP.]

Happy children play and happy music accompanies them as we return to Burkina Faso, which is apparently home to a lot of pickup soccer games. Phil tells us that Burkina Faso is "a developing West African nation" jam-packed with art festivals. So, like certain parts of New York, but with fewer hair salons. We find Phil in Bingo, the village where the last pit stop was. He reminds us how all the teams piled up at the end of the last leg, and how they have absolutely no idea what on earth might happen next. He wonders whether TK and Rachel's calm (read: stoned) approach will serve them well, and whether Jason and Lorena will have their relationship tested. There's a great moment in this little teaser showing Lorena at the last pit-stop mat sobbing, "I didn't milk the camel right!" She is like something out of a movie, I tell you. A movie with Sally Field in it.

7:58 AM. Azaria and Hendekea. Phil is careful not to claim that they arrived at 7:58 PM, since it was clearly daytime, so it's some kind of extended pit stop. In Bingo. It's no palace in India, but I'm sure it has charms of its own as a place to hang out for a while. The clue tells them to follow a path to a nearby village, where a tribal chief will give them a "customary gift of generosity." Phil doesn't explicitly say what the gift is, but the loud "bawwwwk bawk bawk" heard under this part of the explanation might be a hint of some kind. They are receiving no money for this leg of the race, so you can bet it's a short one in a confined space.

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