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Brendon and Rachel finish fixing their bicycle tire, and are off to the pub in fourth place. "There's the green team," Vanessa says as she and Ralph are walking to the bike shop. "Cheese and crackers," Ralph pseudo-cusses. Brendon just tells Rachel to stay focused. "I am focuuuuuused," she whines." Meanwhile, Nary and Jamie get directions to Hillary Clington, and they head off that way in the awkward backpacker's run. As Vanessa and Ralph fix their inner tube, she tells him to start thinking about the next challenge, "Because I know we're going to be doing it." In other words, she figures they're going to be U-Turned by Team Big Brother. Ralph complains to her about I don't know what, and she deadpans at him, "Let's make a mistake and take longer." Sounds like a plan.

Art and JJ get to the gallery and take a clue. On their way to the next town, JJ's main concern is the number of clues that were left, which tells him they're at least in third. "And that would be because Dave and Rachel didn't honor their word, which I don't think Dave would do." Other Rachel, though, she's just a lying slag. Art just shrugs at him, either to say, "What are you going to do?" or "Who honestly gives a shit?"

Rachel and Brendon get to the U-Turn and see themselves U-Turned by Art and JJ. "Shocker!" Rachel Danielles, forgetting what show she's on. But since Mark and Bopper and Dave and Rachel passed up the U-Turn, Brendon and Rachel now have the chance to U-Turn Vanessa and Ralph, which they do. Now, this isn't just because I like Vanessa more than I like Rachel (which I do), because I've said this before -- if you get U-Turned, you shouldn't be able to U-Turn someone else until you've finished both Detour tasks. But that's what happens, and Rachel and Brendon get to gloat about it a bit, both on the spot and in an interview before heading off in search of the containers they'll have to fill. At least they only have to fill them with water, instead of with God-knows-what like they would have had to on that other show.

Nary and Jamie have found Hillary Clington, and they opt for Air Supply. Which Vanessa and Ralph are just now finishing, with Ralph confirming with the mechanic that they need to pump until it's harder and Vanessa saying, "He wants this thing to pop." Get a room, you two. But a kid successfully rides away on it, and Vanessa and Ralph are off to be U-Turned. They and the "teachers" spot each other as Nary and Jamie look for the bike shop. "Yeah, we're behind," Vanessa says. They're upset but not surprised to see themselves U-Turned by Brendon and Rachel, and they unhappily head to the water task. "We're getting our asses handed to us right now," Ralph says. Like that's news.

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