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Do What U Said

Art and JJ are transporting their water with a small crowd of children in tow. Art interviews about how there were so many people wanting to help them, because they're not at all curious about the sweaty Americans or the HD television cameras. They get back to what looks like a one-story block of homes, where they drop off the water and are handed a clue from inside the female homeowner's jacket, so it'll be nice and warm. "Enjoy your water," Art tells her. They get directions from the locals to the pub, a kilometer up the road, and take off thataway. As they cut between houses to get out of there, we hear Art interviewing how, "As much as you want to enjoy and absorb the situation, we're just like, we gotta get to this place, we gotta get to this place, we gotta get to this place." Which could be said about any given moment of any given season, probably.

When they reach the Double U-Turn sign, JJ sees the blank screens and immediately concludes, "No one's even been here!" Because if they had, they'd have used the U-Turn, obviously. Says kind of a lot about JJ, doesn't it? Actually, he's sure Other Rachel and Dave would have used it based on their previous conversations, so JJ announces that they're U-Turning Brendon and Rachel. They crow about this amazing achievement, not to mention how much better groomed they look in their original team photo, and then they collect their clue sending them to the gallery. "We are done with Big Brother and that's why we U-Turned them," JJ says in the cab. "And we made a deal with Rachel and Dave .If they got there first, they would U-Turn them. If we got there first, we would do it. So we're honoring our word." Based on that clip from Bavaria, it didn't look like anyone's "word" so much as a "cheer," but whatever.

JJ goes on, "Hopefully Dave and Rachel will come up behind us and they'll U-Turn the teachers. Or the cops or whatever the heck they are." Now why would he want that? Nary and Jamie will already have a Speed Bump, as JJ well knows, in addition to being hours behind. A single U-Turn is already not guaranteed to eliminate Brendon and Rachel, but doubling up on Team Undercover will almost certainly save Team Big Brother. The only possible explanation for what they have against the federal agents is that in an interview, Art dickishly talks about how much fun they had calling Nary and Jamie out. Yup, you guys are cool, all right.

On a twisty, hilly road, Bopper and Mark's driver somehow passes Other Rachel and Dave's cab anyway, and then yammers loudly into his phone, much to Bopper's amusement.

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