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While riding through Ngorongoro Crater, Nary and Jamie point out the animals to each other. "I don't know that I've ever seen something so green," Jamie says with her sunglasses on.

Vanessa and Ralph are still lost in Safari Junction, and increasingly frustrated about it. As they wander up the road looking for Hillary Clington, they pass the bike shop, where Brendon and Rachel put their heads down and successfully remain unnoticed. At this point the divorcees can't even decide which way to walk, and Nary and Jamie's car looks like it's approaching town. Rachel gives a snotty little smile, and Ralph tells Vanessa to make a decision. When she refuses, he just leads her off in a random direction and into the first long-overdue commercial break of the night.

They're still casting about helplessly after the ads, and only just managing not to get into a fight over their situation. Finally a boy points them right up the street, and they manage to get there and claim their clue, still in fifth place. They decide on Air Supply, and the next thing we see is Nary and Jamie getting out of their car. So the gap has narrowed.

Art and JJ are nearly at the front of the line at the well, forming their plan of action. Finally the well attendant fills up their containers, and they get eight of them piled on the six-container cart, with Art carrying the ninth on his shoulder and warning JJ not to spill too much. Because water is precious here in Africa. Oh, and also they probably won't get credit for the task if they don't deliver enough, but I'm sure that's a secondary concern, if not a tertiary one.

On the way to the gallery, Dave laughs at Rachel for saying "bamboons" instead of "baboons." Good thing she can correctly pronounce "jackass." They're the first team to get to the art gallery-slash-store, where they go past the Speed Bump sign with Nary and Jamie's picture on it. They open a clue telling them to go right to a town called Mto Wa Mbu, where they'll have to find a place called Margaret's Farm. Their driver seems to know where the town is, at least. Bopper and Mark show up and grab the clue in second place, and Mark tells their driver to pass Other Rachel and Dave's cab when they get a chance. Bopper, who is now sporting a surprisingly suitable pair of Bono sunglasses, says, "We just want to stay in the game, but we would love to have one first place. Just to know what it feels like." I imagine it feels pretty good. Team Kentucky's cab soon catches up, but Other Rachel and Dave don't want their driver to get passed. And people in Hell want ice water.

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