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For Air Supply, they'll have to "repair the most popular form of transportation in Africa: the bicycle." Apparently there are repair shops all over the district, and teams who do this one will visit one to patch a punctured tire. They'll have to use the local method, which does not include removing the wheel from the bike. They'll have to snake the inner tube out from inside the tire, and then dunk sections of it into a bucket of water to find the leak, which they'll then have to patch before reinstalling and reinflating the inner tube and sending the repaired bike on its way for a test run. The bicycle repairman, or "fundi baiskeli," will give them their next clue if it works. Other Rachel and Dave decide on this latter option, and as Mark points out to Bopper, "You've been fixing bikes your whole life." Both teams head off more or less together. Sure, that means a couple of families in town will have to get their own water for themselves, but fuck 'em. This is for a million bucks.

Art and JJ are in town, looking for Hillary Clington Shop and making lame, stale jokes about its namesake. Too bad racers aren't allowed cell phones, or she could text them one. How's that for fresh, suckas? They end up driving right up to the stand and selecting Water Supply, on Art's theory that he doesn't know how many holes are involved, plus bicycles have spokes. The fact that these are his concerns lead me to agree that this is the right choice. The two lead teams arrive at the outdoor bike shop, and before getting to work, Other Rachel says to Team Kentucky, "Let's stay in front. No U-Turning each other." A mechanic gives a little demonstration to each team, which Dave narrates, explaining that the local method is to leave the wheel on. So how do you get the inner tube free of the bike frame? You don't, you just have to work it around, dipping section by section into the water pail until bubbles appear. Which seems like a good way to make another hole in it, but I'm no fundi baiskeli.

Then the mechanic demonstrates using an emery board to rough up the spot around the hole, apply some glue, and then stick the patch to it. I've patched up a few inflatable items in my life, you know. Including an air mattress that, as we were packing for the camping trip, Trash insisted be stowed in a bag that also contained our roasting skewers, our cooking knives, and our entire arsenal of Japanese throwing stars. The first night we tried to blow it up in our tent, I gave up after patching 138 holes. That's ancient history, though. Other Rachel remarks to the mechanic, "Guys always think they know what they're doing without having to watch." Dave tells her to stop, because that's also how guys talk to their wives. Oh, wait, no, that's just Dave. Bopper and Mark, however, are off to a great start. "I had to make a bike when I was growing up," Mark tells us. 'We didn't have no new bikes." What did he use, Legos? Other Rachel and Dave soon find the leak they have to fix. "You're a good teacher," Dave tells the mechanic, whose only answer is an unsmiling wink at the camera.

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