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Art and JJ stop to check out some lions from their car, but JJ wants to keep moving, saying that after they win the million, "We could always fly back here." In their interview, Art repeatedly pokes his partner in the shoulder, calling JJ his lion. Well, first of all, you don't poke a real lion. Rachel says this is her dream come true, as an ostrich crosses the road ahead of them. "This is so much cooler than a zoo," she says. They also spot giraffes and elephants. "Driving through the crater made us forget that we were racing," she says. "One of the best parts was that Vanessa and other people we don't like were nowhere to be found." So clearly they didn't totally forget. Speaking of Vanessa, she sees an elephant and is so happy she can't speak, which, for Vanessa, has to be pretty damn happy. The segment wraps up with a giant, full-maned lion resting its head against a tree for a nap. Which seems symbolic in some way that I can't quite get my hands on.

One overhead shot of Karatu later, Other Rachel and Dave are driving into the dusty village of Safari Junction. Bopper and Mark are right behind them, and soon both teams are out of their vehicles and asking locals for directions to Hillary Clington. There's also a stand marked Barack Obama, so they must be getting close, assuming they're in Safari Junction's famous Kiosks Named After American Officials District. Other Rachel and Dave are the first to find the cart marked "Hillary Clington Shop" and claim a hanging clue, but Bopper and Mark are so close behind them it barely counts. This will be a Detour, with the choice being "Water Supply" or "Air Supply." Phil tells us that both Detour options are "chores that are a vital part of living in Tanzania." Which is good, because I thought one of them was an eighties soft-rock band.

In explaining Water Supply, Phil tells us, "Many homes in Tanzania lack plumbing, and locals can wait for hours at this communal well to get their water for the day." Which they then have to carry home on their heads in five-gallon buckets. That doesn't sound like very much fun at all for them. Luckily the Amazing Racers are here to help. They'll have to go to a certain address, load nine empty, yellow plastic containers (I'm guessing five gallons each) onto a handcart designed to hold six of them, and then wheel them to the well, where they'll have to join the long line of locals to wait their turn to fill the containers. After they've delivered the filled containers back to the homeowner -- a windfall of 45 gallons, by my reckoning, or roughly enough for one of my showers -- they'll get their next clue.

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