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Art and JJ are leaving at 6:23, at what looks like shortly after sunrise. As they get into their vehicle with its fogged-up windows, JJ interviews how they've been "strategizing" about the U-Turn for several legs with Other Rachel and Dave. We flash back to the fifth leg, in Bavaria, where JJ got Other Rachel and Dave to agree to sandbag "the green team" if they got the chance. And then they sealed it with a power-circle, so you know they were dead serious. Joey "Fitness" and Danny were also there, but of course they're gone now. I don't remember seeing this footage during that episode, but how could anybody have known it might end up being relevant when they were cutting the whole season together after it had all been shot? Art interviews that everyone wants Team Big Brother out, "strategywise," which is rather old-school of him. "They're malcontents," JJ adds, which tends to undercut the whole "strategywise" thing.

Speaking of Team Big Brother, they start the leg in fourth place at 6:48 AM, and they're a little worried about the upcoming U-Turn. If you'd seen them on Big Brother, you'd understand how this is SOP for them: get on everyone's nerves, make a bunch of enemies, and then act like victims when the numerous competitors they'd offended inevitably get a chance to screw them back. But in an interview, Rachel claims, "The more the haters hate, the more stronger [sic] Brendon and I get. So let them drink their haterade and Brendon and I will be the ones that benefit from it." Unfortunately, that's not entirely wrong either. "Feed me, Seymour!" Brendon adds, for some reason quoting a giant alien man-eating plant in a Rick Moranis musical from a quarter-century ago. As you do. On the way down, Brendon reminds Rachel not to freak out if they get U-Turned. "If?"

Vanessa and Ralph open their envelope in fifth place at 7:18 AM, and the Double U-Turn seems the most relevant part of the clue to them as well. Then commences a long montage of all the teams driving down through the crater, while enjoying the scenery and the sunrise and, in some cases, each other. "I want to stay here," Rachel says. "Forget about the race and just stay here." Sounds good to me. Go for it. There's lots of footage of frolicking wildlife, and Dave has their driver stop so they can look at some baboons in a tree by the side of the road. "Coo coo k'joob!" Dave falsettos at them. "Honey, that's not their mating call," Rachel says. Or any noise they make, for that matter. Dave must be thinking of the walrus. "We'd definitely seen stuff that we ain't never gonna see in Kentucky," Bopper interviews. E.g., zebras, gazelles, and a warthog, based on the b-roll footage. "We're seein' animals we didn't even know what they was!" Bopper says.

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