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Brendon and Rachel arrive at the gallery, collect their clue, and proceed to the next town, hoping to also be approaching the Pit Stop. Then Vanessa and Ralph arrive, with Nary and Jamie right behind them. "How did we catch up to them?" Jamie gasps. Nary interviews that they were happy to see the other team -- at least until they also saw their Speed Bump standing there. They take the one clue from the Speed Bump sign, and Phil explains that since Nary and Jamie lost the previous, non-elimination leg, they now have a task just for them. They'll be provided with a detailed painting showing how a display rack needs to be set up with all manner of different items arranged just so. "When the art vendor, Doctor Moses, feels they have a perfect match, they can continue racing." Phil doesn't usually give us the names of the people handing out the clues, but then most people handing out clues don't have cool names like Doctor Moses. They get to work assessing the situation while Vanessa and Ralph take off, for the moment still in fifth place. Jamie's taking the lead on the Speed Bump task. Ralph isn't being complacent, though, saying they'll finish the Speed Bump quickly. Teams always do, and this doesn't look like it'll be any exception.

Team Big Brother arrives at the farm, and Rachel's recovered enough to volunteer to brave the bees. She gets right to work, exceeding her design parameters by being calm and liberally dosing the bees and herself with smoke. I'm kind of surprised at how much she's enjoying herself, but then I remember that she's surrounded by noisy, vengeful, venomous insects. In other words, these are her people! Soon she has a clue. "Thank you! Jambo! Asante!" she tells her guide and returns to Brendon, also comparing herself to Winnie the Pooh. Then she de-suits and they make it to the Pit Stop in fourth place. "Double U-Turn that!" Rachel crows.

Vanessa and Ralph reach the farm and argue a bit about which of them is going to do the Roadblock. He keeps asking her if she wants to, when she clearly doesn't, repeating that he's better under pressure. Looks like Ralph's doing it, in other words. He suits up, he harvests the honey, let's get this over with.

Nary and Jamie (mostly Jamie) are battling the wind to finish the display, and after using a rock or two to hold things in place, they get their clue and are back in the race... sort of. Unfortunately for them, it's not like the Roadblock is a task where teams can pass each other, given that it seems to be taking everyone the same amount of time. Not that they know that, because Jamie is remaining optimistic in the cab to the bee farm. Where Ralph has just finished the task and is being handed his clue. "Good luck with your bees," he says, and runs back to Vanessa. They open the Pit Stop clue and head right over to the mat, in fifth place. "Even after two sides of the Detour," Phil points out, impressed. Even they can't believe they're still in the race. "We had every single complication that anyone could ever anticipate," Vanessa exaggerates, "and we're still here!" I still can't believe they survived that leg with the watermelons.

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