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Phil welcomes Other Rachel and Dave to the mat moments later. "I'm excited, he's being a poor loser," Rachel announces loudly. Okay, I get that her thing is Not Sitting Still For Dave's Shit, and I'm all for that, but she could pass up the occasional chance to poke at him. Dave pissily says he's happy for Team Kentucky, and when Phil asks him if he is being a poor loser, Dave says she should have contributed more. Whatever, Dave, your cabdriver lost this leg, not your wife. Phil tells Dave to give her props: "She's racing hard. You guys have had four first-place finishes." "She's killing it," Mark agrees. Dave seems to concede the point and kisses her on the forehead so we can move on to how Bopper and Mark have won a trip to Hawaii. Bopper marvels about being a country boy who never thought he'd be STANDING IN THE MIDDLE OF AFRICA with his best friend.

Art reaches into one of the hives, and seems to be enjoying it. "I felt like Winnie the Pooh," he interviews. He swaps his full bucket of honey for a clue and says, "Hakuna Mataata" to his guide. JJ's even pissy as he reads the clue sending them on to the Pit Stop, and wants to bitch about it to Art some more as they run down the path. "Don't even worry about it," Art interrupts, but JJ insists, "They screwed us." How, exactly, are they screwed, in any practical way? It's not like Brendon and Rachel were ever going to like them anyway, and if they'd followed JJ's brilliant master plan all that would have happened is that Nary and Jamie would have been further behind than they already were. But JJ says that if Other Rachel and Dave ask him for anything he's going to pretend they're not there. Yes, we've picked up the schoolyard vibe already.

Eventually they reach the mat and step onto it in third place. "We figured," JJ says, adding that this will get them to another leg. Phil asks them about using the U-Turn. "That's what it's there for?" he prompts, like they need his help justifying it. JJ whines some more about the agreement they had with Other Rachel and Dave which "they don't really give a crap about." I don't think anyone gives a crap about anything as much as JJ gives a crap about this. "What a slap in the face," he rants on. "If I could do it all over again and jump in front of them, I'd tag them for the U-Turn... makes me sick to my stomach." Get a stronger stomach, then, you little bitch. This had no practical effect on your game other than to make you look like dicks, which clearly you don't have a problem with anyway.

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