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Over a high-speed shot of a winding forest path, Phil says they'll now head to Lake Manyara, "Described by Ernest Hemingway as the loveliest lake in Africa." Papa sure had that way with words, didn't he? Phil says that's the Pit Stop for this leg, and "the last team to check in here may be eliminated." Obviously Bopper isn't thrilled at being expected to go anywhere on foot in his condition, but he'll do what he needs to do. They hurry off as Dave heads for the scale.

Art spots the route marker at the farm up ahead, and a couple of waiting cabs. Even now JJ can't believe Dave didn't do what he was supposed to. They get out and Art volunteers for the Roadblock, while the music gets quite tense at what is about to be quite the confrontation. Mark and Bopper run past, and as Dave returns to Other Rachel with the clue in second place, JJ calls over and asks them why they didn't use the U-Turn. Other Rachel and Dave point out that the "teachers" are three and a half hours behind. JJ whines that they had a deal, and says they U-Turned Brendon and Rachel, "Because we thought that you guys might be behind us."

Other Rachel is still talking about the teachers when Dave rushes her off, and JJ petulantly calls over to Art, "No more. Just you and I racing, that's it." Art agrees as politely as he can given that he's about to wade into an ocean of African honeybees while JJ is all butt-hurt over a broken pinky-swear, but JJ just can't get over it. "Chaps my ass," he says, like we hadn't noticed. "We made an agreement, what we were going to do. And they didn't do it. As far as I'm concerned, I'm not sharing a damn thing with them any more. In fact, I don't feel like talking to them ever again, I don't give a crap." Clearly. "Art and I just gotta do our thing and win the race, period. That's it." Oh, grow the fuck up, you big baby. If this is the worst disappointment you've ever experienced in your life, get your ass over to Real Housewives or something.

Bopper and Mark are running down the path, hoping to win their first leg. And Dave is bitching at Other Rachel for not moving fast enough. Bopper's knee gives out again and he has to slow to a walk. Dave can now see the lake through the trees. We cut to the mat where a Tanzanian quartet is playing a folksy local tune, which Phil seems to be digging. And in comes the first team: surprisingly, it's Bopper and Mark, who just won their first leg of the race, and the first leg not won by either the Border Patrol or Other Rachel and Dave. Obviously they're pretty happy about it, even though Bopper is too exhausted to be as loud as he normally is at positive developments like placing well in a leg or successfully getting out of an automobile.

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