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Approaching the farm, JJ is still obsessing, "I just have to believe Dave would follow his word and U-Turn them." He would be so disappointed otherwise. "We'll find out when we get to the end, brother," says Art, who cares a great deal less about this than JJ does. And then he cackles about Team Big Brother having to do the water task if they're behind them. Because that's what really matters, after all.

At the well, Rachel asks Brendon how heavy the containers will be when they're full, which they will soon be. He guesses fifteen pounds, which sounds a little light, but he's the genius. Soon they're trundling their dripping, heavily laden cart down the dirt lane. Brendon pushes while Rachel says, "This is really fricking hard." Yeah, her job is to hold the containers on top in place. At least in theory, because the one she's holding falls into the dirt sideways. She looks at her hand for a few seconds instead of righting it, so Brendon yells at her to pick it up. She yells back that she is picking it up (well, now she is) and not to yell at her. Brendon insists she can't spill the water. "I'm not trying to spill the water!" she screeches, and then dumps the dropped container back on the cart so hard that it tips over, dumping all but the half-dozen containers it's designed to hold and sending even those six aslosh as the cart rolls backward, nearly flattening Brendon. Rachel screams about how she's bleeding. "Don't tell me what to do!" She's really quite the problem-solver.

Back at the bike shop, Nary and Jamie are staying optimistic as they hunt for the leak. Vanessa and Ralph get to the line for the water task, and find it pretty long. In an interview, Ralph figures there are eighty to ninety people in that area just waiting for water. "And we have this previous commodity in our house and we don't even think twice about it," Vanessa says. Ralph agrees, "It's incredible what people do in order to sustain life." As for their life in the race, they're pretty sure it's over and that they're in last place. It's incredible what people will whine about. I don't love the U-Turn, the Blind U-Turn, or the Double U-Turn, but I'm glad that in this case it resulted in some locals having to haul a little less water for themselves for a day or two.

Mark collects another bee-ridden hunk of honeycomb from the hive. "Break it up there, guys, break it up," he says as he smokes out a party on the back side. At the next tree over, Dave is having what he later calls a "unique experience." Remember the time there was a team of actual beekeepers on this show? That was a good episode. Mark takes his bucket over to a spring-scale hanging from a log tripod, and it measures up to almost five kilograms total, which even deducting the weight of the bucket should be plenty, so he's good to go. Apparently they don't have to wait around for the honey to be extracted from the comb, which is a shame because that would make for some riveting television. Mark gets his clue, and thus he and Bopper are in first place as he returns to the waiting area and reads, "Make your way on foot to the next Pit Stop."

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