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After the ads, as they pass a tractor on the road en route to the water containers, Ralph talks about how frustrated he is because he hates losing. You'd think he'd be used to it after seven legs. Vanessa points out that they've come back from behind before, but Ralph says the odds are against them. Nary and Jamie get to the bike shop and get to work. Brendon and Rachel find a house with jugs in front of it and start loading up the empties, then jog with them and the cart to the line for the well, which is not a welcoming sight. "The line at this point is almost out to the road," Rachel says. While waiting, she asks Brendon, "Can we drink this water?" Brendon doesn't seem to think that's a good idea. Well, he's the PhD student.

Heading to the farm, Bopper confidently states, "We're goin' to the final three and we're gonna win the million dollars. But we would still like to enjoy one first place before we get there." That said, they arrive and notice a bunch of people in white beekeeper suits waiting out in the barnyard. Sure enough, the Roadblock clue is related. But before we get to that, Phil tells us that agriculture accounts for more than half of Tanzania's economy. There certainly are a lot of bananas and apples being schlepped around in this b-roll, but Phil insists that honey "plays a major role in this county's food supply." Cut to swarms of bees buzzing like jet engine, as Phil tells us that whoever does the Roadblock needs to put on one of the bee-suits, then harvest honey from a hive, "surrounded by thousands of swarming bees." These aren't your domestic, free-standing, white hives, but wooden mailboxes or hollow logs nailed to trees at about shoulder level, with hinged lids so you can reach in and grab yourself some honeycomb, provided you're either suited up or don't mind pulling a Scully. Wearing a bee-suit himself and holding yet another five-gallon bucket, Phil says they'll get their next clue from the chief beekeeper after collecting 500 grams of honey. Which is not a lot. I have more honey than that in my kitchen right now, and zero bees.

Mark will be doing this one, what with Bopper's knee acting up, so he gets into his suit. "Gettin' ready to get et [sic] up," Mark says. Other Rachel and Dave arrive, and Other Rachel gives it to Dave. "Come on, David, let us have a first, man," Mark mumbles to Dave, either audibly or not, but ineffectual either way, for sure. On the sidelines, Bopper tells Other Rachel about his knee injury, and Mark tells Dave as well. Bopper explains that he had knee surgery five or six months ago and it's been fine, "but this is gruelin'." I'm sure Other Rachel and Dave will be happy to throw the leg to them in sympathy. Once Mark is suited up, a very serious guide in a pith helmet tells him to be absolutely calm. "These are African bees. They will sting you." What good is the suit then? "The calmer you are, the faster this will happen for you," the guide adds, and sends Mark off with another suited beekeeper as a guide while Bopper tells him to take his time. Soon Mark is at a hive, opening it up and blasting the bees inside with smoke from the handheld smoker they provided him. He does the same to all sides of the first hunk of honeycomb he pulls out. Dave is soon out there as well. "Don't get stung," Other Rachel says. Dave is also busy with his smoker. "That's not bad," he says. "Don't mind the pain whatsoever." I'm not sure he's actually been stung yet.

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