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Phil kicks off this week's proceedings with a little geology lesson: "Tanzania's Ngorongoro Crater is part of a volcano that erupted more than three million years ago, forming the world's largest unbroken caldera." But since there's no footage from then, the cameras instead show a giraffe, a hippo, wildebeests, some scenery, elephants, gorillas, more wildebeests, and a screaming baboon. No, that last one's not Rachel. "Regarded as a garden of Eden, this flagship tourist attraction is the start of the eighth leg in a race around the world," Phil concludes, his arms spread as he stands on a hilltop (and three crates, according to his Twitter feed) with the entire crater in the background behind him. There's no word about whether the racers had to spend the night in the camps they set up themselves at the end of the previous leg; we just cut straight to 6:03 AM, which is the departure time of the last week's winners, Rachel and Dave.

The sun's not quite up, and they're dressed for cold weather, and the predawn sky behind them is spectacular. "Take a drive through Africa's Garden of Eden," the clue reads when they rip it open. Phil explains that they'll now "go on safari and descend sixteen hundred feet into the Ngorongoro Crater." But in safari vehicles (not Land Rovers) along a dirt road, rather than straight down. We get a look at a zebra, a wildebeest, a baboon, and some young lions as Phil continues, "When they emerge from the crater, they'll travel to Safari Junction, a small town in the district of Karatu." There's a hand-built and hand-painted souvenir kiosk in the town with the name "Hillary Clington Shop," with the G in less visible orange so it looks like HILLARY CLINGTON. It's clearly some kind of pun I don't get. Among the local tchochkes hang a bunch of yellow clue envelopes.

Other Rachel and Dave head to one of the waiting vehicles and Dave tells the driver, "You gotta go really fast today, man." They've read that the clue indicates a Double U-Turn coming up this leg, which Dave says depends on who gets to it first. "I think if we arrive first, before Art and JJ, we may consider the green team." Meaning Brendon and Rachel. Remember when people pretended they were using the U-Turn to get rid of teams who might beat them, instead of teams they just didn't like? I mean, they weren't, but at least they pretended.

Bopper and Mark are leaving in second place, at 6:05 AM. That's a pretty narrow lead, considering how far ahead Other Rachel and Dave were when they arrived at the campground during the previous leg. In fact, if Team Kentucky had remembered to fill their shower pouch right away, they might be leaving in first place this morning. In other news from the previous leg, we learn that Bopper hurt his knee, with the help of a black-and-white flashback of him and Mark walking down the road and Bopper's leg suddenly buckling. "Before I let this knee put me out, I'll let 'em cut it off and I'll keep on truckin'," Bopper inter-vows. On the ride down into the crater, they talk about how they came in as underdogs, but aren't any more. Well, not until Bopper hurt himself. They might be underdogs again now, thanks to that.

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