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Mallory's sled thumps to a stop against a tree at the hunter's camp and she presents him with her four flags, which she stuffed down the front of her sweater. The hunter signals her to do her penalty lap. While she's doing that, Claire gets her bundle and gives the hunter a kiss. Apparently she and Brook have a "kiss count" going, and Claire just racked up her sixth. "He was like a Swedish...chief," Claire says, cracking up Brook again for some mysterious reason. Mallory finishes her penalty lap and gets going before Kat gets her furs. Clearly Kat got the runts.

The last five teams arrive at Icehotel at about the same time, and most of them write down the clue and get directions from people rather than schlepping the ice slabs around, although Nick and Chad take the time to wrestle their clues into their vehicles. Which makes me suspect that they're not really ice at all, unless they're expected to get to the mat and present Phil with a cold, wet trunk liner. Thomas is having trouble picking his up, I guess because his is heavier than Brook's or something. Fortunately Jill's there to lend him some muscle. I mean, her jacket.

Michael has finished the Road Block, and he and Kevin are still in the lead as Kevin reads a clue telling them to next drive themselves to the Vassijaure Train Station, everyone's favorite Swedish train station (kidding, I've never heard of it and I read every one of those damn Stieg Larsson books). Claire, Mallory, and Kat finish, get their clues, and take off in hot pursuit. Or at least as hot as pursuit can get in the Arctic Circle.

The convoy of racers who were on the second flight is approaching the Road Block clue box, but as Chad says, "Jill and Thomas are nowhere to be found." Everyone parks along the side of the road (there's also a panel truck in the caravan, which is either part of the production or probably very annoyed at all of these slow-moving Americans blocking its way), and when they get the clue, it'll be going to Katie, Connor, Stephanie, and Nick, respectively. They're all gone by the time Jill and Thomas get there, and she's doing the Road Block. "Let's go," he says, and they hurry off in what looks like a randomly chosen direction. "You sure it's this way?" she asks. "Honey!" he impatiently snaps at her as the camera does one of its patented ironic zooms in on the arrow pointing them in the right direction, which they completely missed. You know, we've got a diabetic on this race, and in the past we had a guy with Asperger's, a deaf kid, and that chick with the robot leg, but I think this is the first team to run the race despite being legally blind. If nothing else it explains Thomas's grooming habits.

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