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Run for the Border

Majestic music plays as Michael apparently has to round up his own team. Once they're attached to the sled, he's off to the proverbial races. He calls encouragement to the dogs and grabs flags as he goes, having a great time. Even a bear roaring at him from the side of the course doesn't spoil his mood. Of course it's a fake bear. Fake fire, fake bear -- poor Michael's going to get to a fake mat at a fake Pit Stop and get checked in by a Philbot.

The other three teams who made the first flight here also find the clue box, Mallory either laughing triumphantly or having a psychotic episode. This Road Block will be going to Mallory, Claire, and Kat.

Michael's still having a great time, grabbing his next flag. Kat is the next to hit the trail, followed by Mallory and then Claire, who reminds us that she grew up on a ranch. "I felt, like, really rough and rustic," she interviews, in another example of the two of them cracking themselves up without actually having to say anything funny.

Michael has found the hunter's camp, and he presents the flag to the hunter, who makes a big show of counting them before giving Michael a smile, a thumbs-up, and a bundle of pelts. Michael heads back from whence he came.

The second flight, the one with the other five teams and its red subtitle, is just now landing in Kiruna. Jonathan and Connor are in the lead of this pack (which in this context means fifth overall) as Jonathan stumbles amusingly over some Swedish street names. I would be bork bork borking nonstop, so I have to give teams credit for holding back on that, at least. Behind them on the road, in single file, are Jill/Thomas, Katie/Rachel, Nick/Vicki, and Chad/Stephanie.

Mallory tells her dogs to slow down, and I'm sure they do because 90% of the time she speaks in a frequency only they can hear anyway. But when she reaches for the first flag, it's too high for her stumpy little limbs to reach and she's going to have to stand on the wheel fenders if she doesn't want to miss the rest of them as well. Up ahead of her, Kat asks her how cool this is. "I'm gonna hook up our great Danes and our pug at my house and do this," she says. Presumably she has a high garden wall back in Kentucky for the pug to run on while the Great Danes run on the ground. It's probably the same wall she uses on walks with her dad. She and her team pass Kat on the course, and so does Claire. Kat had to stop to let them pass, I guess, because you don't want to have a fender-bender driving someone else's dogs.

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