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Run for the Border

The dad teams get word that they're on the earlier flight, and Mallory celebrates as quietly as she can, although she can't stop herself from smiling so big that her eyes disappear. "I'm so glad I got blonde hair," she says. From a short distance away, Connor didn't fail to notice this exchange, so he and Jonathan go off to investigate. Team @, meanwhile, has successfully booked themselves on the earlier flight already, and they help Brook and Claire do the same. I think the race really wants to finally have two female winners this season -- hence the four all-female teams -- and the all-female teams seem to agree.

Team Glee and the volleyball players find a ticket office to ask about the earlier flight, but learn that it's already full. What? Teams on different flights after the first leg? Inconceivable! Connor says something about this not being the worst graduation day ever, but you can tell he means the opposite. Dude, I was never that excited about my college graduation. Who's the commencement speaker going to be, Stephen Colbert? Kanye West? God?

Everyone gets on the flight out of Accra together, the dad teams talking about how they'll need to run for their transfer. The plane takes off from Ghana in the dark, and an Amazing Red Line heads north to Frankfurt, Germany. It lands in the morning, and the next thing we know, the four teams with the earlier transfer flight are rushing through the airport in mad pursuit of their two-hour lead. Most of the other teams who didn't get on that flight wonder what the rush is, because they're idiots who deserve to get left behind. Michael and Kevin try for a short cut through the airport, which is not a good sign, and end up on an elevator. The other teams run to the end of the terminal, although Team QVC (the home shopping channel they work for is actually JTV, but who the hell ever heard of JTV?) has caught one of those electric motorized courtesy carts. "This is the run of our lives," Mallory says with her reliable gift for understatement. Nat and Kat make it to the gate first, followed by Gary & Mallory and Brook & Claire. I notice the latter team doesn't kiss the female driver of their courtesy cart. Michael and Kevin are still in the elevator, reminding us they have a Speed Bump and can't miss their transfer, because you can't be in an elevator without chitchatting. The other teams enter the jetway. Team YouTube is still on the elevator, Kevin now saying this was a bad idea. Not clear whether he means the shortcut or the tighter transfer. Either way, the three lead teams are now not only on the plane, but in their seats, with Team YouTube still on the elevator. How the fuck tall is the Frankfurt Airport, anyway?

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