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Run for the Border

Jill and Thomas are the seventh team to leave the mat, at 12:29 PM. Thomas explains his Express Pass strategy: "I'm not gonna panic and just use it until I have to, because then it's a waste." Thank you, Thomas, the only person running this race alone.

Nat and Kat are the eighth team to depart, at 1:12 PM. "My homeland!" Nat sings out as they run for taxis. This probably isn't one of those times when it's necessary to remind you that Nat is the blonde one.

Michael and Kevin take off at 1:26, or not nearly as close behind Team @ as we were led to believe. Kevin says they know they have a Speed Bump ahead, "and we're both very mentally focused right now." Sure enough, once they're in the cab, Michael is looking at their itinerary, which is sending them through Frankfurt. Kevin borrows their driver's cell phone to call the airport to inquire about the earliest flight to Kiruna, and learns that there's one leaving Frankfurt at 7:35 instead of 9:51 the next morning. They'll just need to check in at the Lufthansa office when they get to the airport. They are in fact the next team we see arriving, and the other teams are just standing around talking, because they're not in last so why bother actually racing before they get to Sweden?

Kevin and Michael decide to let Gary and Mallory in on their plan, I guess on the theory that since they're both father/child teams they should have an alliance or something. Upon learning about the earlier flight, Gary advises Michael and Kevin, "You got a Speed Bump, you got to get this." Yes, I'm sure they'll need that whole two-hour advantage, based on past Speed Bumps that have required people to take on time-consuming tasks like serving tea or soup. Gary's only concern is whether they can make the transfer quickly enough in Frankfurt, so I think that means we'll soon be seeing some airport sprinting. Mallory is tapped to charm some airline employee into getting them on the flight, and after he takes off to make it so, Mallory joshes Kevin, "You gotta have a girl!" I'm sure Kevin would agree.

Lest you think Team YouTube is the only team who's all over everything, Team @ is researching earlier flights on the internet and Brook and Claire are following them around, figuring that they should have thought of that too. "How stupid are we?" Brook asks. Actually, I don't think failing to look for earlier flights makes them look as stupid as wandering around the airport without their backpacks, dressed like a couple of homeless Bratz dolls.

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