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As Jonathan and Connor head out, Connor says their graduation will occur during this actual leg. Jonathan claims that missing it is "is a testament to how dedicated we are to this race and how much we want to win it." I don't know, it seems more like a testament to whining about missing graduation. They ask their cabbie to drive faster, but he advises them to take their time. He must know about all the matching plane tickets.

When Gary rips the strip from the second-place clue at 11:19 (more than an hour behind Team Glee), Mallory screams like he took her thumb off with it. They run to cabs while she thanks Jesus, who is like, "Oh, yeah, I meant to get back to you on that hoop-rolling thing. I trust that went okay without Me." Gary remarks in the cab, "We're gonna go from a hundred to zero." The show does like to do that once a season, doesn't it?

Chad and Stephanie are leaving at 11:29 AM, and she's the first person not excited to be going to the Arctic Circle. "Did I mention that I freaking hate snow?" she asks. If not, it'll come up again.

Katie and Rachel are in fourth place, starting the leg at 12:12 AM. Are all the teams' times this spread out? No wonder the show felt the need to bunch them back together. In the cab, Rachel says she's half-Swedish, and as I look at her, the only part of that sentence that surprises me is the word "half." She does know a few phrases in the Swedish language, like "dumb girl, dumb boy, dumb monkey, and Romanian." So she'll be ready for anything, linguistically.

Nick and Vicki are leaving in fifth place, at 12:23 PM. Nick gets in the cab and says to the driver, "Arctic Circle?" Uh, Nick? You only have $184 for this leg, and I think the meter's likely to go a little higher than that. Vicki straightens out that they need to go to the airport, and not to a Ghanaian cul de sac named after a snowmobile manufacturer.

Brook and Claire leave right behind them, at 12:24 PM. Claire explains that they were feeling a little down after coming in sixth place, so they reacted by dressing up in goofy black and hot pink outfits. The camera, playing along, goes all gauzy and slo-mo as they show off their look. Which is going to have to go back in the backpack now that they're leaving the equatorial regions for the opposite of the equatorial regions. "Time to put on some clothes," Claire says. "Rats."

We're back at the Accra Airport with Connor and Jonathan, who are learning that they get to check in at 4:30 and deciding to camp out there at the Lufthansa window. Way to capitalize on that lead there.

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