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Katie and Rachel light the fire in their tent, but the Sami judge tells them, "No, not really matching." They have to try again, while Jonathan and Connor seem to be closing in.

Chad and Stephanie come to the mat, Chad hefting that ice slab on his shoulder. Yeah, no way is that really ice. He sets it down with a thud, and Phil tells them they're team number seven. Phil remarks on how happy Stephanie is about that, and she admits she was afraid she would lose it for them. Chad says he shouldn't have pushed her so much, "but we did it, and here we are, still in the race." Well, clearly he learned his lesson.

Katie and Rachel have another look at the example and figure they have the rocks arranged incorrectly around the fireplace. They hurry to wrap it up, whispering about Team Glee, "We are so much better than them." Not today, they aren't. Although they certainly didn't slip in the rankings as much as Jonathan and Connor did. The singers are almost done, but Katie and Rachel have gotten the okay and their clue, in eighth pace. Jonathan and Connor are still struggling as the girls drive off. Connor gets the fire going, and soon they're racing to the Pit Stop in last.

While driving, Katie and Rachel talk about how they thought they were in last. Jonathan says they did their best and it's not over yet. Rachel says they're cutting it close. "We never gave up," Jonathan says, making poignant use of the past tense. Connor reminds him that anything can happen. Except making it to their graduation, that is. They both seem to spot the Pit Stop from the road at the same time, but then Katie and Rachel are seen carrying their ice block to the mat, so they can't be that close behind. When they arrive, Phil tells them, "By the skin of your teeth you are still in this race." I think I figured out why they came here in the summer; here at the Arctic Circle, you can't tell when the last few teams don't check in until nighttime. Obviously it's not dark out right now, but the sun looks nearly horizontal, which might be as dark as it gets there this time of year. "You cut it real close," he tells them as they share an eighth-place hug. Another leg with a lot of churn in the rankings, which unfortunately was needed again because most of the challenges weren't as interesting to watch as they probably were to do.

And speaking of churn, here's the team that went from first to last, thanks to blowing it at the airport and on the sledding hill. Connor and Jonathan slowly march up to the mat, humming "Pomp and Circumstance" in harmony. Oh for God's sake, here. Now shut up already. They are welcomed and Philiminated, to their utter lack of surprise. Connor again says, "We graduated today," claiming that they graduated from Princeton and the race in one day. Uh, I think they only graduated from one of those things. They even throw their hats in the air, giving us a nice close-up of Jonathan's sweaty, disarranged mop, and after Phil shakes their hands we watch them walk away while harmonizing their own annoying version of Amazing Grace as rewritten by Michael Scott: "Through many Detours, Road Blocks, and legs, we are the last team to arrive/And Phil will send us home, goodbye." And they even click their heels together in unison. They should have changed the "many" in their song to "several."

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