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Run for the Border

Katie and Rachel make a try, and as athletic as they are, to say that snow is not their element would be an understatement. Team Glee is taking another run at it, and after Jonathan crashes into the fence yet again, he's clearly had enough. The volleyball team is, if possible, doing worse; in fact, Katie falls off her sled and it disappears over a cliff without her. Which is at least better than her going down with it. "I guess we're gonna go switch and do the other Detour," Rachel interviews, now that they've lost half their equipment. Jonathan keeps losing control and crashing. As he puts it, "The sled and I did not agree, and it was becoming truly painful." After clocking in at 4:24, they give up. I normally don't support switching tasks, but if it takes you longer with every attempt, you're going in the wrong direction.

Jill and Thomas reach the mat as team number five, and Thomas still thinks they made the right decision even after hearing that. We'll see if he still feels that way as four more teams straggle in. Especially if everyone takes the same flight out of here tomorrow.

Chad and Stephanie are almost done, and are quite happy to see the volleyball team show up. "We're still in it," Chad whoops, so it looks like Stephanie's out of the doghouse. Katie and Rachel get to work attempting something neither of them has ever done before. With the tent itself completed, Chad assigns Stephanie to make the bed while he builds the fire.

Nick and Vicki are team number six, and are thrilled to have slipped back a place.

Jonathan and Connor struggle through the snow to the encampment, and the other teams are pretty happy to see them, obvs. "Hopefully they're not frigging Boy Scouts or something," Katie says. Jonathan interviews that they were thrilled to still have a chance, seeing two other teams still there. While Connor works on the inside of the tent, Jonathan asks him, "Having fun in there?" "Pitching a tent," Connor says. The fail-gong accompanies a shot of the Sami females clearly thinking, That's what she said. Chad and Stephanie are done, and the judges are happy, but not as happy as they are to get their clue in seventh place. "I'm sorry I disappointed you," Stephanie says as they drive off. "You didn't disappoint me," Chad says generously. Easy to say now. I'd be more impressed with his maturity if he said that after getting Philiminated. In fact, he should feel free to hang around until the other teams check in, just to prove it to me.

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