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Run for the Border

Jill and Thomas have reached the Sami encampment, where they take one look at the tent and start getting worried about how long it's going to take. Stephanie is still scraping down the sledding course while Chad whines, and Jill and Thomas wonder if the time has come to use the Express Pass. Stephanie finally makes it to the bottom intact, and Chad says they need to do it again. She refuses. "I'm done," she says, apologetically but firmly. In other giving-up news, Jill and Thomas hand their Express Pass over to the Sami (who have been waiting these thousands of years for just this moment) and get their clue to the Pit Stop. "See, we would have been done," Jill says. Off they go, confident they made the best decision.

Stephanie is almost in tears as she recounts all of her various crashes to Chad. He's nothing but frustrated with her, even as she starts crying and apologizing. And after the ads, he snots, "All right, come on," and stomps off with her still apologizing and actively sobbing in his wake. Poor Chad, having to do the race with another person.

Michael and Kevin are team number four, and happy to be there. Notice how the field is still divided by who caught which flight?

The only thing keeping Jonathan gong down the hill at all at this point is gravity, and if the slope were less steep he would just be falling in every random direction at once. At least he knows he sucks, as he says in an interview that Connor could do it and he couldn't. That's pretty generous to Connor, who really only sucks less than Jonathan. "I thought I'd end up, you know, in Norway," Jonathan interviews. Down at the bottom, Connor says Jonathan's doing his best, "and that's all I can ask for." Jonathan crosses the finish line dragging one leg, falling off the sled the moment he's clear, and still having only clocked 2:58. Connor wants to go again, but Jonathan's complaining that his ankle is broken. So he couldn't have marched at graduation anyway, then!

Over at the Sami camp, Chad is assessing the situation with a cool, clear eye: "Dammit, Stephanie, this is gonna be a bitch. We gotta hustle." He's glad that at least he was in the Boy Scouts. What happened to A Scout Is Kind?

Nick and Vicki have their helmets on for what is subtitled as their "1st attempt," but if a couple of bikers can't do this, what hope is there for them at all? Vicki understates that they're more of a physical couple than a mental one (which is like saying they're more carbon-based than super-sentient, time-traveling wave forms), and since they like to snowboard and ride motorcycles, they do this pretty well and get their Pit Stop clue in sixth place. Which Connor and Jonathan don't fail to notice from the chairlift above.Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17Next

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