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Run for the Border

Nat and Kat finish, this time with Kat making a much better time of 1:55. Not crashing and burning shaved off a second or two there. She gets to open the clue telling them to drive to the Pit Stop, which Phil refers to as "this proverbial line in the snow: the Norwegian border." Wow, that's going to be a chilly place for them to sleep. And of course, the last team to check in may be eliminated. Team @ runs back to their car and heads out.

Brook and Claire are taking their first run at it while Gary and Mallory are behind them on their second. Looks like the course is long enough that teams can make overlapping attempts, which after all is why it's called Lapland. Brook finishes in an astounding 1:34 (miming in an interview how she went screaming down the hill gritting her teeth and flashing her Manson lamps) while Claire completes it in a more sedate 1:43. So they're done. "That was stellar!" Brook gushes. Gary and Mallory both beat the goal time by a wide margin on the second try, Mallory leaning hard to one side and calling it "sidesaddle." The two teams get their clues in second and third place respectively.

Team Glee and Chad/Stephanie are doing the sleds as well. "I'm confident we can both beat the time on the first try," Chad jinxes on their way to the resort. He interviews that he was "pumped," but Stephanie wasn't, this being her first time doing anything like this. But since she knew Chad would love it, "I really wanted to try to hack it for him." Also, he gets a little scary when he's mad.

Nat and Kat have reached the border, and there's Phil with a greeter in Sami dress outside a Goahte. Are all eight teams going to have to sleep in that thing? By which I mean the Goahte, not the greeter. She welcomes them to Riksgränsen, Lapland, and Phil tells them they're team number one. They jump up and down and hug. Phil says, "As you know, when you come into the Pit Stop first, there is a prize." How would they know that? But in this case, the prize is a trip to Belize. Unbelizable! They interview that they want to be the first women to win the Amazing Race. Normally I'd say something mocking here, but given that there have been four legs and four winners this season, I don't think we can rule anyone out yet. Well, except Nick and Vicki. I mean, come on.

Speaking of whom, they and Katie/Rachel find the train station pretty much together, and both decide on the sleds. I find it appropriate that Vicki's in the country that was the setting of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. I mean, I don't know that any of her tattoos are of dragons, but given how many she has, and how many tattoos depict dragons, I feel comfortable playing the odds.

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