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Run for the Border

For "Beds," they'll go to a Sami camp near the top of the same mountain. As Phil explains, the Sami are descendants of early Scandinavian nomads, and from what we can see, they still dress like them. Phil says the teams will have to build a "tent-like dwelling" called a Goahte (pronounced "gortee"). I was going to ding Phil for saying "tent-like dwelling" when he totally could have just said "tent," but I have to agree; why say that when you can say "Goahte?" Kevin decides on Beds, telling Michael, "I wish I could do the sled but I'm scared you can't do it, Dad." But you're not bringing me down or holding me back or anything.

Team @ find the clue box next, and also comment on the lower temperature here. "We're not in Ghana any more," one of them says belatedly. They're going for the sleds. Michael and Kevin quickly find the Beds Detour and get to work trying to build something that looks like the example standing there, while six to eight Sami watch in amusement. This would be better if it were windier, but once again we have an example of the race coming here during unchallenging weather.

Connor gets his and Jonathan's clue in fifth place. "Your dogs are awesome," Nick tells the host as he also finishes, and gets his and Vicki's clue in sixth. Then here come Katie and Stephanie, and while Chad drives them away from there in eighth, he reminds us that Jill and Thomas have an Express Pass, which may effectively put him and Stephanie in last place. But officially the last-place team is still Jill and Thomas, and they're seriously talking about using the Express Pass.

Michael and Kevin are now working on fastening their tent pegs, so their Goahte at least has the right foot print, even if it's still only a few feet high. Kevin says they've camped before, and points out, "We thought we were building a bed, not a tent." Gosh, why would he think that? It's not like this Detour option is called "Beds" or anything. Michael, always ready to laugh, is currently entertaining himself by putting his gloves on. How did Kevin grow up funny at all with such an easy room?

Gary and Mallory find the train station in third, and they're going for "Sleds." Given Mallory's difficulty with getting her head through the collar of her zip-neck sweater, I think they're wise to avoid anything to do with textiles. Not that being briefly entombed in wool even slows down the flow of her chatter. Brook and Claire are also doing sledding, even if Claire's a little nervous about it. What's the sled going to do, suddenly start going uphill and hit her in the face for no reason?

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