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"This is Doryumu," Phil tells us as he welcomes us back to Ghana, although it's a little odd that this is the first time I've heard that word. By which I mean "Doryumu," not "this," even if Phil makes "this" sound new every time. "Here, where people live and work much the same as they have for generations, teams found this rural homestead in a race around the world." So I guess it is just some dude's house then. But the race is on hold for a bit, because as we see the yellow-and-brown uniformed kids at the Asebi D/A Primary School singing a morning song, the racers walk up shyly in a big knot, "to help with renovations." That's putting it a but generously, because it looks like all they're doing is painting some support columns, and they're only doing that when they're not talking to the cameras about how good it feels. Jonathan and Connor harmonize, "We've been working on the schoolhouse, a gift from Amazing Race." Giftwise from those two, the school might have preferred a pair of ball gags. It looks nice when they're done, though. Or, at least when someone's done. No way did the racers do all that.

Jonathan and Connor are leaving at 10:15 AM, in first place. Remember that. "You're headed to the Arctic Circle!" Connor reads from the clue. That covers a lot of area; could the clue be more specific? Fortunately, Phil clarifies that they'll be traveling "4,500 miles, from the furnace to the freezer; the city of Kiruna, in the area known as Swedish Lapland." Thank you, that does narrows it down. He goes on to say that because there aren't a lot of planes out of Ghana, the show has thoughtfully provided all the teams with tickets on the same flight, but Phil specifies that the teams aren't required to use them. In case they'd rather walk, I guess. Once they land, they'll drive themselves to JukkasjÀrvi and find "the world-famous Icehotel." Because when The Amazing Race starts running low in exotic new locations, they can always just raid the James Bond filmography. We see the Icehotel glittering in the arctic sun as Phil explains that in the winter it "offers a not-even-close-to-warm reception to its guests." Whereas in summer, the ten thousand tons of ice are stored in a warehouse. Oops, maybe coming here in the summer wasn't your best move, Amazing Race. But that's where the racers will find the next clue anyway.

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