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Lis-Bon Voyage
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"The country of Chile narrowly stretches over 3,100 miles between the Pacific Ocean and the majestic Andes mountains," Phil narrates over some video of both geographical features, as though I don't make fun of Chile's land-orexia every time they go there. "And this popular mountain retreat is now the start of the third leg in a race around the world," he says while lurking in the darkness of the nature preserve, sometime before or after he Philiminated Rowan & Shane at the end of the second leg. But that was then and this is now, specifically at 6:27 PM, when last week's winners, Chester & Ephraim, begin the leg. And yes, it is dark again. They read a clue telling them to fly to Lisbon, Portugal.

"Teams will now fly to Lisbon, Portugal," we are informed by an unusually tight-lipped Phil. "When they land, they must make their way to Martim Moniz Square and ride a tram to the top of the hill, where they'll receive their next clue." Team NFL gets into a cab, where they talk about how they're used to other people booking everything for them when they traveled with the team, so all they ever had to do was show up. But now, Chester says, "We're on our own, and I'm okay with that." Because it's not like anything could go wrong when they're setting up their own air travel, right?

The second-place team, Afghanimals Leo & Jamal, are surprisingly far behind, leaving the mat at 6:39 PM. This despite the fact that they were the first to arrive at the Pit Stop at the end of the previous leg, which means it took them at least 13 minutes to walk back to their cabdriver, pay the man, and return to Phil. This, in turn, means there were at least 14 minutes of arguing between them, and undoubtedly much more. Fortunately for us, they appear to be over it as they learn they're flying to Lisbon. Unfortunately for us, as they talk about getting to use their Portuguese, they're still noisy as hell. I mean honestly, who ululates like that inside a taxi?

Brandon & Adam are taking off from the mat at 6:58 PM. That's about all they're doing right now.

Chester & Ephraim arrive at Cocha Travel Agency, which is not only still open after 7 PM but quite generously staffed, from the looks of things. An agent taps her keyboard and pulls up a flight scheduled to land in Lisbon at 7 AM. That's less than eight hours away, accounting for the four-hour time difference, unless it's 7 in the morning after tomorrow. Better double check your dates, Team NFL.

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