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Jason and Lorena and Kynt and Vyxsin get to the clue box next, and they both take the hoisting, since it's right nearby. Two guys give them demonstrations on how to tie the ropes around the furniture, and this is where I would start to get really worried. Vyxsin tells us, somewhat sheepishly, that she stayed on the ground to do the knot-tying, because she "used to macramé." Reeeeally. How arts-and-craftsy! I bet she was the only Goth at Goth camp giving out friendship bracelets. Vyxsin is the first to get something lifted -- she starts with a baby carriage that's pretty light, so she can get the hang of it. Probably quite smart to learn the ropes (um, sorry) without having a lot of weight to lift.

Azaria and Hendekea arrive at the multiple-story parking ramp, and he's like, "Are you kidding me?" think you know what thousands of bikes look like, until you see...thousands of bikes. You know it will be bad, and then it's just so bad. It's like finally seeing Viva Laughlin, in that way.

Jason successfully lifts a TV, while Vyxsin struggles with the knot around the TV, with it being so much heavier than the baby carriage. Shana and Jennifer show up, and somewhat to my surprise, they decide to do the hoisting. Nate and Jen and TK and Rachel arrive, and they also decide to hoist. Nick and Don decide to look for the bikes. As TK and Rachel watch the demonstration of the knot-tying, she says she thinks she gets how to do it, and he looks really, really, really nervous. For whatever reason, though, as they start, he's the one on the bottom tying and lifting. Maybe they think she can't lift the stuff? Must be, because he's immediately in the weeds. Jason, on the other hand, totally has the hang of the knots, and he's almost done. Lorena says that the Detour was a great moment for them, because they cooperated very effectively at that moment. They finish up, and they get the clue that tells them to travel to a rural village called Ransdorp, where they'll search a "marked field" for a clue. Phil explains that this will be a bus ride, and Jason and Lorena leave.

Vyxsin is still trying to tie the knot around the TV.

Meanwhile, Azaria and Hendekea find the first of their marked bikes. There was a lot of hooting over the fact that he calls her "babe" here (as in, "Found it, babe!"), but...I don't know. I call a lot of people a lot of pet-like names, and it doesn't have to be sexy, particularly. Nick and Don are also now at the bike circus, looking for their bikes. They find one that doesn't quite match their clue, and I think they actually just found Azaria and Hendekea's second bike. Dun!

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