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So, for no apparent reason, Ron strolls over to Nicolas and his grandfather and starts lecturing Nick on etiquette. This is so incredibly none of his business, not to mention the fact that Nick already has his grandpa with him, so this carries a veiled insult to Donald, suggesting as it does that he's not doing his duty keeping the kid in line. Not to also mention, of course, that by the end of thie episode, it's going to be clear that giving speeches on public comportment is not a line of work for which he's qualified. Really, unless Nick threw some enormous tantrum that we didn't see that qualified as abusive or threatened an international incident, the fact that he was a little pushy is nobody's business but his own and his partner's, and the fact that it rarely pays off to make service people angry is the only consequence Nick needs to have imposed on him. I have no idea where Ron gets the nerve for any of this, and his poor daughter, understandably, is instantly and horribly embarrassed. When he just won't shut up, she takes over, trying to smooth things over by just telling Nick that the lady behind the counter commented that he was rude, and that's what her dad is reacting to. Remarkably, Nick -- who was impatient at the counter, but who I think was clearly raised right -- keeps his temper as Ron comes back and starts lecturing him again. He's extremely polite in trying to respond, saying, "Let me speak for a second, sir." And the "sir" doesn't come out snotty; it comes out genuine.

Christina is desperately trying to diffuse this, because she's humiliated, and because she doesn't want her team to become the team everyone hates just because her dad can't get along with people. Nick interviews gently that he couldn't really do anything except just sit there and let Ron run his mouth. Which is true, and sad, and not Christina's fault, and fortunately, they don't seem to blame her. Painful, that whole exchange. There's a little moment where, after Ron stomps away, Nick looks at Christina and smiles and says, "He's stressed out." Like, her dad was just a dick to him, but Nick feels for her enough that what he does, instead of getting mad, is essentially communicate to her that nobody's holding it against her, or even against him -- whether or not that's true. I really sense that Nick is good people. Another note: I was super-impressed at how Donald stayed completely out of that and let Nick handle it, even though he clearly has plenty of fire in the belly and easily have jumped in and caused it to escalate.

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