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The first flight to Dublin is getting ready to leave, and this is the flight that allegedly had space for everyone -- it was Dublin/Amsterdam that didn't. And as Ron and Christina and Kate and Pat are running for the flight, Marianna and Julia are just getting to the airport, and they're not even making this initial flight, even a little. So their route to the airport was not so good. They also learn that everybody else is on the 7:00 AM to Dublin. Which, of course, isn't going to matter if other teams can't get on the connecting flight, and they can get to Dublin soon, which I'm thinking they probably can. The first flight leaves for Dublin, with Marianna and Julia the only team left behind in Shannon. (My Music Stylist: "Oh, Marianna and Julia. Well, you'll still be in bikinis in the credits.") On the plane waiting to leave, Kate and Pat talk about the fact that it seemed like they were hopelessly behind, and now it seems like Marianna and Julia are even worse off than they were.

The flight gets to Dublin, and Nicolas and Donald are on the run, because they got themselves on standby for the flight to Amsterdam, so they're trying to get on. If they don't get this, they'll wait an hour and a half. When they finally find the standby counter, they're told to wait, and Nicolas stresses to the lady -- currently waiting on a nice-looking young girl with glasses who looks a little flummoxed by the burst of activity -- that they can't wait, because someone else will get on the list ahead of them. "You'll have to wait," the agent repeats. Ron and Christina are apparently on standby, too, because they're on their way up to the same counter. They get to a separate station at the same counter and ask for standby, with Ron interviewing that he's in salesperson mode all the time, so his theory is "to be very polite." We'll see. Nicolas is hovering over his ticket agent, and he's just skirting the edge of being way too pushy, and then he says to her, "Please move faster," and that's right over into being way too pushy. It's interesting, because he just lost out at the Shannon airport as a result of the agent there being too damn slow, so you can understand his frustration here; it's just not probably a productive approach he's taking. The agent kind of chuckles, like, "Whatever, dick," so I don't think she's really angry as much as she's just over it, kind of. She agent tells them to step aside and wait to get a call if they can get on. Preposterously, Ron decides to get all bent out of shape, insisting in an interview that Nicolas made them look bad in front of the agent. It's clearly very hard for Ron to just admit that he thinks he knows how everything should be and has a hard time not telling everyone how to behave all the time.

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