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Finally, Kate and Pat get their clue for the bus at the end of the bike ride. The show implies that the bus Kate and Pat almost catch is the same bus Ron and Christina and Marianna and Julia are on; it's not clear to me whether that's actually true.

TK and Rachel are off toward the pit stop. Kynt is still vaulting. Hey, he successfully vaults! Good for him. In other news, Don's first attempt at getting over the water really doesn't go well at all. Nick does not kibitz. Kynt and Vyxsin are ready to leave on the bike.

Kate and Pat discover that bus #30 doesn't run in the evening, so instead, you get a mini-bus. That is not a good sign at all. Not at all.

Hendekea makes it across the ditch. As TK pedals Rachel in the bike basket, he remarks, "Man, you smell like poop." Way to get laid later, dude. Vyxsin boots Kynt out of the basket and tells him she's had enough and he needs to pedal for a while. For a minute, he kind of freezes and looks horrified, which...get over it, man. You have to pitch in, even though you're dirty.

Speaking of dirty, Donald has a lot of mud on him. A lot of mud. And he's decided to take everything but his underwear off to make it easier. Honestly, once your clothes get dirty and wet enough, it's not an impossible thing to understand. Nick stands back and says, very dryly, "I have no comment." Hee hee. I still think he's too young to fly a plane that doesn't run on a rubber band engine, but he's so cute.

TK and Rachel pedal right past the sign for the drop-off and the pit stop. In fact, they pedal right past the mat and Phil! Though Phil's not phacing them from the phront, so that's more understandable. Kynt and Vyxsin come up behind them and do spot the drop-off, so they head for the mat. Welcome, you are team number four! And you smell like poop. Azaria and Hendekea approach, and they get a local to point toward the yacht club where the pit stop is supposed to be, so when they run into TK and Rachel (who have turned around and apparently missed the pit stop again), they decide they'll all work together to get there.

Donald. Muddy grandpa. Into the water. "That had promise," Nick says supportively.

And here are Azaria and Hendekea and TK and Rachel on the mat as teams five and six. Nick and Don are still at the ditch, and Nick tells Don to step it up, because the third bus full of teams is arriving. It would appear that Marianna has done pole vaulting, so she's the clear choice for her team, and Christina takes it for her team. Nick tells Don to kick his legs up more as he goes over. "Kick your legs up, kick your legs up," Nick tells him as Don swings slooooowly over the ditch. He makes it, kind of, sort of, close enough, and the judges tell him he's done. Nick tells us that this shows that "frustration and anger pays off in the end." I knew I trusted that guy! As Marianna explains that indeed, pole vault was her event when she did track, we watch her sail over with no problem.

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