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I Want To Ride My Bicycle

Marianna and Julia are hunting for their second bike, and they feel like they've now seen stickers in every possible color combination except the one they want. Finally, they find the right one and get going. Kate and Pat are looking as well, and Ron and Christina are approaching.

Meanwhile, Nate and Jen and Shana and Jennifer arrive at the bike drop-off at about the same time, and Jen muddily and hilariously spazzes out all around the sign, trying to figure out where she's supposed to be running. It's a big, crazy circus of dumb, and then we're at the mat with the high suspense over...second place versus third place! OoooOOOOoooh! Nate and Jen are second, and Shana and Jennifer are third.

Ron and Christina find one of their bikes. Pat and Kate are still looking. "Hey, baby, love you," Pat says casually. "Love you more!" Kate calls out, and somehow, it manages not to annoy -- probably because I get the sense this is what they decided to do when they were in the middle of a really, really bullshit task that they did not like at all. Kate confesses that she's not sure she's paid as much attention all the way down this particular row as she should have, so Pat tells her to go back to the last place she was paying attention and start over. Uh-oh.

Marianna and Julia finish the bikes, so now they can look for the bus.

And Ron has decided to blame Christina for the bikes not working out, just as he made it clear he'd blame her for the hoisting not working out. "I told you this was ocean of things," he says angrily. "This is very frustrating." Christina breathes deep. "Daddy, the only way we're going to do well is to stay positive," she says. Pat and Kate find themselves a bike, so now they and Ron and Christina each have a bike. Back to father and daughter. "Come on, move it," he snaps at her. "Are you looking on the left, or right?" "You can look on the right," she tells him. "What are you telling me to do? I was looking on the left!" he says, really, really stormily angry. As they continue to argue, Pat chuckles to herself, then says, "The bad in me is coming out again." Kate asks what the bad is, and she says, "Seeing somebody else all frustrated." And, she does not add, being unable to stop giggling about it. Which would happen to me too. Who wouldn't laugh at, for instance, "I'm packin' it!"?

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