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Shana and Jennifer, Nate and Jen, and Jason and Lorena find themselves waiting at the stop for the #30 bus, but they don't see Kynt and Vyxsin yet. And here comes the bus, and while Kynt and Vyxsin run for it and try to make it, they don't quite, so they're not in the first little knot of teams.

Elsewhere, Nick and Don find their second bike, and they're off. Azaria and Hendekea are done with the bikes, and they're on their way to the bus.

As TK and Rachel continue to make zero progress, they begin to bicker. SWITCH, fools! Rachel's not that weak! I bet she's gotten into a few scrapes at the organic food store when they're almost out of spelt! She's got it in her!

Hey, remember the trailing teams? Marianna and Julia, Ron and Christina, and Kate and Pat are getting on the train to the bridge. Pat interviews that while there were teams out ahead of them, you never know when somebody's going to run into a huge problem. Cut, in a non-subtle fashion, to TK, who still can't get anything tied up and hoisted into the window. "Can you stop talking now?" he finally says to Rachel after she makes one too many attempts to help. "Babe, I don't know what to do," he says with resignation.

After commercials, TK still can't tie, so finally -- FINALLY! -- he and Rachel decide to switch off. Meanwhile, the little group of three screwed teams is approaching. Rachel gets the TV tied up, pointing out how proud her dad would be. I guess her dad was big into...knots. Or something. She doesn't gloat and TK doesn't begrudge as they both are just really relieved that she can hoist the TV up to the window. The three trailing teams hop off the train, and then we return to see Rachel hoisting her last item. That didn't take long, at least in TV time. They get done, so now they can go look for the bus. I hope they have a good excuse for waiting so long, and that in the future, she'll take some of these situations in hand instead of being so "supportive" that they wind up, like, trying to do tasks by feminist process.

Ransdorp. It does look like a rural town in the Netherlands, that's for sure. Nate and Jen, Jason and Lorena, and Shana and Jennifer hop off the bus, and the marked field is apparently right there, because they immediately conk into the clue box. The clue offers them a Roadblock. In this one, you do "ditch vaulting," which is essentially just what you'd think -- you use a pole to leap over a ditch full of mud. Roughly stated, Phil claims that the standard for successful completion is to touch both your feet to "the marshy grass" on the other side of the ditch. Not, you'll note, to avoid getting your feet wet at all. You get the clue on the other side, and then you come back to your partner, which you can do by wading through the muck or however you want. The clue asks, "Which of you is the acrobat?" so Jen takes it for her and Nate. Shana and Jason also are signed up. The first one to try is Jason, who does it so easily that if you blink, you won't realize he already went, which is what happened to me. I was actually asking, "Wait, what happened to Goatee Knitcapington?" Before you know it, he and Lorena have their clue, and they're off. The clue tells them to take what Phil calls a "Dutch cargo bike," which kind of looks like a bike with a smaller version of a little red wagon up front, to a marked drop-off spot at the Durgerdam Yacht Club, which will be the pit stop. Last team to check in, Phil says, just might be eliminated. Lorena hops in the basket part of the bike, and Jason pedals. No big surprise there. "I'm in a basket!" Lorena says happily. Can't get anything past her.

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