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You gotta dance with the ox that brung ya

In Manila, the first team out of the airport is Chip and Kim, "Currently in 1st Place." Their driver appears to know where Malaguena Motors is, so they're in luck. Brandon and Nicole get out next. Followed by Linda and Karen...followed by, "Currently in Last Place"...Colin and Christie. Chip and Kim introduce themselves to their driver, using Chip's patented Be Friendly strategy. In their cab, Brandon thinks they got in the cab first, but Nicole knows Chip and Kim are ahead of them. Linda squashes a bug against the cab window and observes, "Welcome to the Philippines." Heh. You've got to love any country with a six-legged welcoming committee. In her cab, Christie nags the driver about the other teams, which I find fascinating, considering that I would think any person with the common sense God gave to a brick would figure out that the taxi driver does not care whether you beat the other teams or not.

As the teams drive, Kim voices over that there's a Yield coming up. Phil explains the Yield again, about how one team Yields another and makes them turn an hourglass over and wait a certain amount of time before they can go. Chip voices over that Colin and Christie are "like the Los Angeles Lakers." Obnoxious, arrogant, and unable to function in pressure situations in spite of an abundance of natural talent due to unremitting ego-based personality clashes? Oh, no. He means something else. He means "they are the best." As Brandon and Nicole and Chip and Kim sit together in traffic, they talk through the windows about Yielding Colin and Christie, now that they've gotten ahead of them for once. In his cab, Brandon says, "Everybody wants to see the most intense competition go." Hey, he said "intense"! Drink! Meanwhile, the Moms say exactly the same thing in their cab, although they add a comment to the effect that "Colin and Christie have been really nice" to them. Yeah. Sometimes Christie wears those shorts that say, "Have A Nice Day!" across the back instead of "Texas." (Sidebar: How many damn pairs of those shorts is the girl carrying? I feel like we haven't seen anything else covering her ass since about Egypt. Those things are going to fall into tatters, and then she'll be wearing shorts that are a little too short to flatter her, really, and say "TEXAS" on the ass, and have holes in them. And then she will be well and truly ready for the episode of Cops where she and Colin scream at each other until the neighbors call the police.)

As Brandon and Nicole approach the flag, he tells her to "get ready to jump out of the car." Chip and Kim are the first to actually pull up and get out of the cab, but when he runs up the little driveway, Chip can't figure out where he's actually supposed to be going. He gets himself turned around, and by the time he heads for the clue box, he has to run past Brandon and Linda -- which he does, knocking into her on the way and apologizing. "Settle down, Chip!" Linda calls out. Heh. I'm not sure why Chip is so damn sure he wants to be the one to use the Yield if somebody else might do it for him, since he could avoid both the Wrath of Colin and the loss of his only Yield, but there you go. Brandon and Chip get up to the Yield box together, and Brandon urges, "Yield 'em, yield 'em." Yeah, easy for him to say, because then he gets to save his. Indeed, Chip reaches into the box and pulls out Colin and Christie's picture, announcing that he intends to Yield them. Kim reminds him that he also has to put the picture of himself and Kim in the "courtesy of" box, so Colin and Christie will know who did it. Well, that won't be awkward at all.

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