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You gotta dance with the ox that brung ya

And here are Colin and Christie now, landing in Singapore. They run in and look for the "transfer desk," as Christie voices over that their flight was late, so they only had 20 minutes to make the connection. That would be the international connection. Heh, good one. That'll teach you to optimistically interpret the words "Should be" when said by a ticket agent. They go to beg again about their "emergency" need to get to Manila, and the woman tells them that unfortunately, it's just plain too late. The flight is leaving, and they're not getting on it. The doors, they are closed; the flight, it is missed. What a disappointment. I know I personally burst into tears. And they weren't at all tears of laughter, uh, I swear.

In Hong Kong, the rest of the teams are landing. "That was a pretty quick eleven-hour flight," Linda snarks to Karen. Hee. When she's not shrieking, I like her. More doing! More snide comments! Less shrieking! As they get off the plane, Karen says that they're going to try to improve on their 8AM tickets out of Hong Kong to Manila.

Meanwhile, in Singapore, Colin and Christie learn that there's no flight out of Singapore to Manila until tomorrow. Aww. Too bad! So sad! Colin asks about connecting flights, and guess what's suggested? Singapore-Hong Kong, Hong Kong-Manila! Hee hee hee, hoo hoo. As they get on their flight out of Singapore, Christie gripes about how they won't get into Manila guessed it. 10:00 tomorrow morning. Colin speculates that they'll be "behind everyone." Such a grump.

In the Hong Kong airport, the teams scatter and try to arrange for better flights. Nothing doing. It appears that the late-night Hong Kong-Manila route is not well-traveled. The teams are basically stuck with what they have, which is the 8:00 AM flight. So the teams go to sleep, and we watch them snoozing in the airport, including Chip, who is snoring up a storm under his space blanket. As they snooze, who should land in Hong Kong, but...Colin and Christie! Christie talks about how "low" they're feeling, and somehow, I suspect it's just not low enough to make me entirely happy. Lower, lower! They snooze in a hallway somewhere.

Morning. Teams wake up in the airport, and at the gate, the other teams note the arrival of Colin and Christie. As Christie notes, everyone is relieved, because the other teams thought they were ahead, while they themselves figured they might be behind. But once again, it is the bunching. "We couldn't let you guys have all the fun, right?" Colin asks, trying to cover. It's not really a great story, in terms of cover, since I really don't think anyone's buying "Colin Brings The Fun!" as the party slogan of 2004. Chip and Kim and Colin and Christie exchange hugs, because for purely selfish reasons, they're genuinely delighted to see each other. It's like friendship, but not. As they board, Brandon asks Nicole whether she's happy to see Colin and Christie, and she says that she is. I mean, she is in the sense that anyone is ever happy to see Colin and Christie, which is, "not that much." Unless you're a relationship counselor, and you hear, "Ch-ching!" every time you see them. The teams settle in for the flight.

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