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You gotta dance with the ox that brung ya

Linda halfheartedly whines as she prepares to climb the ladder, while Chip and Kim hop in a cab to the airport. Elsewhere, in their cab, Brandon and Nicole note that they know nothing about the Philippines. Including, probably, the thing with the one L and the two Ps. They go inside at "Departures" and ask about flights.

Linda starts up the ladder, doing a "Toe, heel" chant that I believe describes how you put your foot onto each rung of the ladder. Contrary to Chip's "guarantee," she makes it to the top. I think that while she's not a small lady, Linda's a pretty in-shape and tough lady, despite her episodes of self-doubt. I've thought that a few times. I thought that when I saw her lower the clue, too. She's not a gazelle, but she can crank it when called upon. I think that Chip, like a lot of people, can conceive of men who are of the stocky and strong type (like, say, himself), but for women, he thinks of being in shape in terms of being sylphlike and being able to run fast, as many people do. It's not a dis on him -- it's an almost impossible bias to avoid picking up, but it's, you know, still wrong. And good for Linda and Karen for putting another crack in it. Linda crosses the girders and gets the clue. She balks a little at falling back on the rope, and again, we go to commercial on the note of Will The Mom Do The Task? Which is an element of suspense that's long past its expiration date at this point. We've been here, like, a lot of times.

Commercials. "Levitra" is the most hilarious drug name ever. It sounds like Houdini came up with it (no pun intended) when his sex life was foundering.

Unsurprisingly, when we return to the show, Linda does indeed fall backward on the rope, just as you knew she was going to. She returns to the boat. "You look like Peter Pan!" Karen cackles as Linda swings past the boat. And indeed, she sort of does. If she knows "Neverland" and didn't sing it, she's going to regret it for the rest of her life. ["Given the register she would have pitched it in, I'm just as glad she didn't." -- Sars] They open the Manila clue, and then they head out to the street and grab a cab.

At the airport, Brandon and Nicole are working on tickets as Chip and Kim come up behind them. In a conversation for which I had great affection, Chip tentatively asks Brandon, "Was it hard for you?", and Brandon, being the generous soul that he is and having not a speck of the peacock in him at this moment, tells the truth and says, "Yeah, it was hard." Heh. In the cab, meanwhile, Linda comments that she's "still shaking," and Karen compliments her on what a great job she did. At the airport, they get out and head for the counter. I have to say, they're doing great, but they are dragging a bit at this point. If nothing else, you can spot the lack of spring in their step from the decision to get luggage carts just to go from the cab inside to the counters. That's not a good sign, I don't think, not that I blame them or could do any better. Inside, the three non-Colin-and-Christie teams meet up at the same spot. To his credit, Chip hears that Linda did the climb and says, "I gotta give it up," and gives her a hug. I certainly hope this means that we won't have to see him do that anymore. Because it's not his first time acting like they're less capable than they've already shown themselves to be, so...knock it off, Chip. Meanwhile, Brandon is getting the actual tickets, which call for them to go through Hong Kong tonight, sleep in the airport, and then get a flight to Manila at 8:05 the next morning. It will get them into Manila at 10:00 the next morning. Behind them, Chip and Kim and the moms arrange the same flights. These teams all board their flight to Hong Kong, talking unhappily about how Colin and Christie are presumably way out ahead by now.

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